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  • I am very sorry to bother you this day, but I wanted to ask you of permission to use some of the portraits you made for a game I am making.
    I just need your approval to use them, if not, I will just delete them and nothing will happen. Of course, I will credit you for your incredible job in this post:

    @ElGamerDesafortunado Chronus has not been on the site since Nov 2017, so if you need permission to use these resources, it is unlikely that there will be a reply giving it to you. However, from my reading of the Terms of Service for them, as long as you give credit, then you have permission to use them.
    "Free to use in non-commercial and commercial projects. Feel free to credit me(Victor Moura) if you use them." directly from their first post. So should be okay to use them even without explicitly asking.
    Ok, thank you. ^^
    Mister, Your game Zu is BRILLIANT. I will post a full review once I finish it, I just want you to know that your quite awesome, sir. That's all.
    Makes me really glad to know that you like it, thank you so much for your support! I'm looking forward to see your review.
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Well.. I was going to post my randomly generated road experiments... But the new "Attach Files" on profile posts seems to be quite buggy. Also there's no more option to insert Imgur images. Highly unfortunate. Guess I'll give them a bit to fix it and go back to messing with stuff.
my first day back to working on my project and i'm pooped!! hope to get back in the rhythm soon!
I just came up with a very original RPG Idea. This is so well written that it might be the first RPG I actually finish making. (I’ve stopped all my projects halfway through development. I don’t think this one will be the same.)
Became a news junkie... except for those times I got inspired and published a chapter of any of my crazy stories. XD

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