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  • Welll programming at night can be a bad idea.

    So I thought out of boredom I would see what I can do from in game in MV. I have learned you can bring up the print window on a windows operating system and make it print paper. Note to self don't I had to kill all program with task manager. 
    The joy of working an hour and a-half just to perfect a single conversation and cut-scene in my project.  :D  Well at least I finished it.
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I just successfully tested changing music by region, and changing it between continents on the world map after getting on/off the airship. I had to override the default audio transitions with eventing to make it change smoothly but it worked.
Stream will be going live shortly with some more Witcher 3, then we will switch to another game! Feel free to drop by~
Finally scripting out the story after WAYYYYY too long of having 0 idea of how to approach said scripting.
2020 has started off pretty stressful for me, but no need to fear. I have my mood fixer:

Have you appreciated a Hedgehog today?

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