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  • Welll programming at night can be a bad idea.

    So I thought out of boredom I would see what I can do from in game in MV. I have learned you can bring up the print window on a windows operating system and make it print paper. Note to self don't I had to kill all program with task manager. 
    The joy of working an hour and a-half just to perfect a single conversation and cut-scene in my project.  :D  Well at least I finished it.
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ok by this weekend I WILL finally need alpha testers for Backstage: murdered sleep because it's got enough content at this point I want to get it on Steam Early Access ASAP (2/22/2022 would be a cool release date if I can make it).

By all means volunteer here, sure, but where else should I be looking?
Randomly trying to make some butcher shop tiles for MZ :3
Current menu of Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend. Currently taking a break from combat related mechanics. Hope i get the actor busts done before the day ends :)
Was in need for a black van, so I made one by editing that one truck in the tileset. :kaoswt2:
I honestly haven't ever been really active in this community, even though this year will mark my 4th year of having an account and 5th or 6th of using RPG maker. I didn't do anything with RM for most of 2020 and 2021 for personal reasons, but I'm excited to get back into game making!

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