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  • 2 hours & 20 minutes remaining. :D
    ...trying to hurry finish up all commissions before I never put the controller down again ;)
    First language: Javascript.

    Me: Is... is this a sentient AI???
    New update/finish/fix/upload TODO list:
    AddCancelCommand, AutoshadowEx, BgImageScreenShot, BindEvents, ChangeEventGraphic, DroppingGame, EscapeCodesEx, EventTriggersEx, FortuneCookie, GameoverEx, InputEx, InsertValues, LastCalledEvent, LevelUpEx, MapData, MemoryGame, MessageSetSwitch, MogCharPosesEx, MonstersCaught, MovementEx, ...
    ... continued below...
    ..., OnChangeVariable, OptionsEx, Preloader, Puzzles, Quiz, RecoverEx, RegionSettings, SaveEx, SceneOverMap, ScrollingGame, SoundEx, Stamina, SwitchOnWhilePlayerWalks, TappingGame, TextSpeed, TimersEx, TitleEx, TMJumpActionEx, TouchEx, TrickOrTreat, VarByName, VehiclesEx, WindowEx, ZoomEx
    ...probably forgot about a bunch but that's majortiy of 'em... i think... :popcorn:
    Hey man, what's your proficiency with coding for RPGMV? I talked to GALV about possibly adding a few features to that projectile plugin, but he doesn't really work with RPGM anymore. He suggested I look to some other people to potentially adding to his or creating an all new one.
    Ps. new version in touch input being realeased today with fixes and new features including patches for galv' s projectile. ;)
    Man you work fast, nice to meet someone so talented and passionate. By the way, I implemented your sword animation for now, it looks better than my nade lol. One of these days when I perfect my combat, I'm going to send you a video.
    @PKirkby Just a heads up for the future - requests like this might be better done in a pm, rather than in a public Update. Also, Updates aren't really intended for this sort of thing.
    Anyone feel like collecting and assembling all the character generator pieces made by the community into a nice zip package to place with the standard parts?
    If there's not one already, simply having a master list, like those GrandmaDeb makes, would be nice. I think this would make more sense, since a zip file would constantly have to be updated for new parts, plus if a creator changed their terms that would complicate things as well.
    Yes a list would also be nice, the real problem that am running into is renaming everything to fit nicely with each other. Therefore if all the generator artists could be on the same page as each other there would be no need to rename new items just simply copy & paste.
    Looks like there are lists made.... very awesome!


    & Here:
    Been away for far too long. Some amazing new creations, awesome work RM Community!
    Gosh I miss being able to work on RPGs... darn life always gettin' in the way. Pshh, lol
    I really need to work on my Japanese.
    Konnichiwa! Miru (at) kore!
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    oh... I see... I actually seem to prefer watching things subbed... IDK why... maybe I just got used to it after watching so many subbed animes... it comes in handy when quoting things though...

    anyway, good luck on your japanese learning

    Konbanwa. (こんばんは) (Good evening)

    You said "Hello! Look at this!" correct?

    Although I believe if that is the statement you are making then it would actually be "Kore o mite" (これを見て), mite is the ~te form of Miru


    Arigatō (ありがとう) (Thank you)
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Ahh, end of the day stinky feet, fresh out of the boots. Smells like a job well done. Seriously, I have to rinse my feet when I get home, or it's not fair to my wife.
Stream will be live shortly with some pixel art! Feel free to drop by!

Can't believe I forgot to put an image of my drawing pad! It looks kinda like this, maybe I'll get a better pic tomorrow...
Backup tip: If you don't want to back up your whole project every day, at least back up everything *except* your Image and Audio folders, which you can do weekly/as needed/etc.
The final version of our game is already available both in English and Spanish! ^___^
Can't believe this day has finally come... T_T

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