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    Need a small fix on the SimpleFollowerControl by Karberus

    I'll try to help but need more info. :) Please press f8 then take a screenshot of the error from the console that it brings up. Referring to some other plugin you mention? What other plugins?
  2. ct_bolt

    Virtual Mouse on Mobile?

    Perhaps the combo of BBS_MultiTouch & ALOE_VirtualButtons could be helpful for you? ...that combo has worked great for a few of my touch input needs ;)
  3. ct_bolt

    Grass opacity

    No prob. :) Happy to help. Thank you for the challenge :popcorn: Actually got some nice ideas from this for future plugins. Also updated once more now with a few more nice things :):thumbsup-right: CT_Bolt's bushEx (v0.30+) Plugin: Click Here to View Notetag Examples: <bush:{"depth":35}>...
  4. ct_bolt

    start event by name[solve]

    Glad you solved it but... more info in case you want... $ (item) {if (item) {return ( ===};}, {name:'Event Name Goes Here'}) That returns an array of the events that the names match the 'Event Name Goes Here' ;) So that means with just 1 or 2...
  5. ct_bolt

    Grass opacity

    @Shaz Awesome tip homie! Thanks for the knowledge ;) To fix the rest of that... ...Alter and save as a .js ...but warning about coding it that way is if sprites less then 90 pixels will all be drawn the same way... Working on a new bushSettings plugin now ;) Edit: Plugin is good to go. A...
  6. ct_bolt

    Totally understandable. RL stuff is a must first priority especially in these crazy times...

    Totally understandable. RL stuff is a must first priority especially in these crazy times. Thanks for all the hard work you've done in the past :cutesmile:
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    Hiding the timer?

    Setting the opacity of the timer sprite to 0 works for me :) SceneManager._scene._spriteset._timerSprite.opacity=0 ...turn it back on with: SceneManager._scene._spriteset._timerSprite.opacity=255 Bonus Info: SceneManager._scene._spriteset._timerSprite.opacity=0; var _gt_onExpire =...
  8. ct_bolt

    Trying to make NumInput come out!

    Yep correct :) yep you got it. This was because no text message was being set first (oversight on my part). Fixed in v1.2 ;) No problem. Happy to help. Updated to v1.2. Fixed some things and optimized code more ;) NumInputOnMapStart: Click Here To Download Edit: Updated to v1.4. Fixed some...
  9. ct_bolt

    Trying to make NumInput come out!

    Not entirely sure what you're really trying to do ...standard use of how to open the number input window is like this though... $gameMessage.setNumberInput(var, digits); ...wrote a little plugin to show you how to open the number input window right away when the "Scene_Map" starts though if...
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    Conflicts thread?

    Yeah true. Honestly any pixel movement I've tried, they all conflict. Tried Galv's Pseudo Pixel Movement & Alpha ABS, QMovement, HalfMove, and probably a few others. Anyone know of a patch or a way for any of the pixel movement plugins to work with ChronoEngine? it's such a great plugin but I...
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    Conflicts thread?

    Honestly a pretty good idea, though I google doc spreadsheet or something like that would probably be the best way to format it for organization. I have a big one to add that's been an issue for me lately. MOG_ChronoEngine with Altimit Pixel Movement ...doesn't seem to work right, unless maybe...
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    Using Simultaneous Message with Galv Message Styles

    Sounds good let me know how it goes. :popcorn: It's really quite a useful plugin. :cutesmile: :thumbsup-right:
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    Using Simultaneous Message with Galv Message Styles

    Yeah my plugin can achieve that. The reason is it doesn't have use the timer expire part so it can count up instead and be "kind of hacked" to make never ending displaying text (doesn't have to change but it also can) this can be achieved using the parameter settings I have shown above.
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    Android Back Button

    Ok good to know, figured that was too simple. Try just changing the "onBackPressed" in your <activity name here>.java file from: @Override public void onBackPressed() { if (BuildConfig.BACK_BUTTON_QUITS) { if (mQuitDialog != null) {
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    Using Simultaneous Message with Galv Message Styles

    My Timer System is capable of displaying text. It's kind of maybe an odd way to use it but it can do it. That's the only way I really know to create text above events (can also change text too), can be used for lots of great things really... but...

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