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    Whenever anyone mentions systems from various jrpgs, I literally have no idea what they are talking about. I've pretty much only played...
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    I actually had an idea for this once, it was called Trope Adventure. Literally everything in the game was going to be a TV Trope's...
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    It's redundant, they could have saved space and gone with "Critical Hit" instead.
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    I just want to finish my demo this year, is that too much to ask
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    I'm passing as well, I've lost interest in pretty much any multiplayer shooter. Also, hot take. Battlefield 2 (discounting 2142 as I...
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    I feel you, I'm making a game right now where there's 4 different main characters you can play as. Each event is 4 times as much writing...
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    Aren't we all? I know I am and my brother is.
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    I think you mean animations.
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    I also think the one on the left stands out more.
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    I still remember him! I'll continue playing your game when you've got all the bugs and stuff worked out.
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    Anyone else having trouble falling to sleep on a work night because you don't want to go to bed yet? I just did.
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    That's mostly marzipan, right? Looks like it.
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    When it comes to icons, go all or nothing. If most words have icons but some don't, it'll be confusing for the player. Like I see that...
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    Battlefield Play4Free did this, anyone who had the old, really good guns remembers the infamous December Update where they turned all of...
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    That's what we all say...

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