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  • One of the hazards of the microwave: cooking something for six minutes when it should be 60 seconds, and come back to see smoke pouring out of it, and the plastic is now fused to the blackened food.
    What I would give to actually get some feedback on my game...
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    Hey, if you send me over the link to your page/download, I'll play and give you feedback! All I ask is you give my game a go in return :3
    I've been playing your game but didn't get too far yet, just gotten out of the first village. I want to play some more (when I have time) before sharing my thoughts.
    Well, looks like I head back to work tomorrow. This multi-month long break has given me time to make a ton of progress on all three of my games, including the release of a demo.
    The demo for Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past is now officially released!
    Playtesting for Battle Castle is done, demo time for me was roughly 6 hours and 20 minutes. I'm going to pass it on to a few friends first, and after getting some feedback will be posting an official topic.
    The demo for Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past is very close to being released. Just some more playtesting to go.
    The next update for the Cube Trail is coming along pretty nicely as well.
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Today *Fix the game UI
RMMZ maxRows make me tired.
The game supports real-time language switching (really interesting).




Swag collecting in the new randomly generated area. Now the mini map also shows the randomly generated features... And even illustrates the whole "bubble" system" that I made to manage memory... Though that part's inadvertent. We'll just call that "the fog of war"... Yes, that's what we'll do. Nobody will be the wiser! :kaopride:
not me being not lazy for 5 seconds and drawing another char portrait (her name is hazel)
Been a while since the last time I made a song remix. Had a blast making this
One thing those jp developer still get wrong about boob physic is that... men's muscly hard pecs can jiggle too.

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