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    Guilty Pleasures

    Really, really bad movies. The worse it is, the better. Either so horrible it makes you want to rip your eyes out like Turkish Star Wars, or splatter/exploitation films like Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.
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    Your favorite "foreign" sweets and snacks?

    Calbee shrimp chips, liquor chocolates, melon soda, Calpis.
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    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    Well, I'm fast on the approach to failing with that. Maybe if I work really hard the next few days I can get my goal done, but that's assuming I have inspiration and stop getting distracted. Wish me luck!
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    My manga room (3,000+ books plus figurines)

    Pretty cool, I was surprised to see the Girls und Panzer dioramas! I don't have a manga collection, but I do buy a lot of music CDs. All are non-mainstream, so it's not just a boring "collection" that your mom might have. I just recently bought a bunch from Japan, so I'm in the process of...
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    Favorite Game Aesthetics?

    Good to hear that people who read dialogue text still exist!
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    Favorite Game Aesthetics?

    One of my favorite aesthetics is "uncovering lost history", which I have noticed in Fallout 3 and Lord of the Rings Online. In Fallout 3, when you leave Vault 101, you see the entire Wasteland stretching before you, ready to be explored. However, it's clear that everything is dead, but there...
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    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    Finish the Unholy Temple location in the Cube Trail, my only game with a published demo. Maybe get a working demo published of my post apocalyptic game, The Wastes, if I'm really lucky. The Wastes has at least 4 hours of gameplay already, but I need to find a good point to cut it off for the...
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    What's your target audience?

    Honestly, myself, but if I had to choose: People who like meaningful plots, dialogue, and character interactions People who like cohesive worlds People who like challenging gameplay Age range is teenagers to adults (two of my games' plots are probably too mature for kids to really understand...
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    How do you face Inspiration Loss?

    This is why I try not to compare my game to others on this forum. There are a lot of projects with custom music, custom graphics, all of that stuff, which I know I can't compete against as I'm not a graphic artist or musician. Instead, I try to craft interesting story lines, character...
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    Bad RPG Maker Games

    Here's the plot of my first and utterly terrible RPG Maker game that I tried to make. I never released it (still have it though, I play through it every so often for laughs). Lots of unbalanced stuff, broken and unfinished events, horrible maps, etc.
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    The "What are your favourite songs?" thread.

    Well, this is going to be difficult as I have a bunch of favorites across a bunch of genres, so I guess I'll just post a wide spread grouped under a few main genres. First, I swear I'm not Russian, I just like multiple Russian bands. Second, I could have a 20+ song section alone just for Eurobeat.
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    The Big Book of World Building/Notes: Do you have one?

    I have a Word file with a bunch of storyline and gameplay mechanic notes, which nothing ever gets deleted from. It goes all the way back to one of my old projects, and details a bunch of stuff that gets added through development and updates. It's actually quite messy but going down through it is...
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    Text box that doesn't stop movement

    EDIT: Moving it to the top makes it work somehow. I'll keep messing around with it and come back here if I have any problems. Thanks for the help!
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    Text box that doesn't stop movement

    Screenshot of the editor: Here's the entire script.
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    The story of your first project!

    The first one I did was called "Magical Castle~Battle Knight". The title hardly has any relation to the actual game, it was supposed to be "JRPG-like" from the viewpoint of someone who never played a JRPG. Anyway, you start off as Ralph in an unnamed town. You talk with your friend Joseph, and...

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