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    1200+ Fantasy Faces generated using AI

    Wow, these are... shockingly good for an AI. .o.
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    Cuprite's Resources

    Made a few more things, both kinda out of boredom and for a prototype I've been working on recently. Added "Shimmering Rocks" with a dark and normal color variant. Added "Battlers" section. Added "Blob Slime," my first custom battler. It's basically an edited version of the MV slime but shorter...
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    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    This seems sufficient. Since I can use the preemptive trigger, I made it so that if you have a 20 and the enemy doesn't, it triggers that. Otherwise, it's exactly as I'd envisioned it to be (And that one difference is a positive one imo). I'm really happy with this. ^-^
  4. Cuprite

    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    Oh wow, that works perfectly! I... genuinely didn't think setting the surprise/preemptive tag during battle would actually work. Idk, I just figured it'd only check for it when loading the encounter. Lol. Thank you so much! :hhappy:
  5. Cuprite

    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    Ok, I'll answer in order. - I'm basing it kinda off of how most TTRPG's do it, so I'm planning on having 2 in-game variables randomly roll 1-20. If the variable representing the party is equal to or higher than the enemy party's, the fight would play as normal, but if its lower, everyone on the...
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    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    Oh, no, I just meant that I just need to figure out the turn order thing before doing anything with the initiative stuff. I already know how I'd do it: Roll 2 random variables and, if the party's is lower, give them a temporary status that would prevent them from moving until the next turn rolls...
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    RMMV Make player party always go first in battle w/o Agility stat?

    I'm currently making a small prototype for a game idea I had and I want to make the party always go first (Technically. I plan on implementing a sort of initiative system, but that is irrelevant right now). The easy answer would be to just manipulate the Agility stat, but I'm using that stat for...
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    Cuprite's Resources

    Been a few months, but I added a thing to this! Added "Translucent Dark Balloons" with 2 variants and an empty one for Yanfly's Icon Balloons plugin. Updated the "Dread Emotion" balloon in the regular balloons image. Made these for my own project and was really happy with how they turned out...
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    RMMV Reordering Yanfly's In-Battle Status plugin and adding stats to it?

    Long story short, I've changed Agility into an entirely different stat functionally (Honestly, should have changed Luck, but that's beside the point) and I want it to display under my Attack stat (Strength in this case). I don't see any way of doing that though, and I'm not good enough with code...
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    Bobstah's Custom Stats 1.3.2

    How would I go about making a custom stat affect the turn order? I changed the formula in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core to simple "spd" (Speed since I used Agility for a Dexterity stat (Tho I guess I could try to make that the custom stat instead?)) but it doesn't do anything at all despite...
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    Battle Log Display Weakness/Resistance?

    Thank you so much! This'll be a godsend for me! :D It may be situational since most people just use the default Yanfly battle log, but it's always nice to have the option for cases like this. Thanks again! ^-^ (Note to self: Add another person to the Plugins section of my credits. Lol)
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    Battle Log Display Weakness/Resistance?

    Bump 2. Main reason I want this so badly is cause I don't want the player to have to play guessing games with the enemy weaknesses/resistances. .-.
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    Caethyril's Plugins

    Ah, I think I understand. Also, I only just now noticed this reply. Lol. Thank you so much for this! It'll definitely be useful, certainly not just for me. I also used your Inventory Open plugin since I have a few items that run common events. Lots of useful plugins, I love 'em! :D
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    Caethyril's Plugins

    So, I've noticed a problem with the Message Display Options plugin. Specifically the instant windows feature. You know how pressing one of the confirm keys while text is drawing forces the game to instantly draw the text, right? Well, even on an otherwise blank project, if the message window has...

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