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  1. Respawn timer for on map encounters?

    Praise be! That's just what I needed!
  2. Hiding stats and the like that we don't use

    Well, I have seen a couple other requests for "how can I hide stat X" on the forum. A universal stat-hiding script is probably something that would see some use.
  3. Hiding stats and the like that we don't use

    Hello, all! Hoping you can help me with a problem. My current project doesn't use experience levels, at all. You gain abilities with Job Points and stat-ups from items. I'm also not using MP or TP. It's a little confusing that I can't get these items to go away, so they're still visible on the...
  4. Jack's Generator Additions

    OMG needed these so badly. Thank you so much!

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I discovered the new English word "Secular religion" today It is an oxymoron word. Now, I wonder how many English words create per year? According to Global Language Monitor, around 5,400 new words are created every year; it's only the 1,000 or so deemed to be sufficiently widespread use that makes it into print. [I think it probably slangs or combines words] :kaoluv:
Is it normal that I love a game that I can't even play due to how bad I'm at it?
Anyone have advice for recruiting friends to bugtest with you? I had some buddies volunteer without me asking, and we agreed on dates and times... and they all just flaked...
A mousefolk sprite I made, I think I did good.

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