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Happy New Year for all from 2016!!! Jan 1, 2016

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Jul 29, 2017
    1. GrandmaDeb
      Hi, Curtis.

      I have a favor to ask. (I asked RastaMan as well.)

      I have a Russian student in a class I will teach Saturday.

      Would you be willing to check my translations?

      Or do you Know someone who would be willing?

      It is about ten words, and a few sentences.

      Thanks for considering this!

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      2. Cvrtis
        No problem!

        Give me a file with the text and with the notes to the text (for example, what you want to say these phrases, if these phrases have some semantic meaning).

        I guarantee literacy in Russian
        Feb 22, 2016
    2. Cvrtis
      Happy New Year for all from 2016!!!
      1. Rikifive
        Happy New Year! :D
        Jan 1, 2016
    3. Cvrtis
      If you do your job - do it well. Quickie will never be a good job. Even if you are praised for it - it's only out of politeness. Always appreciate the person who sees the mistakes in your work! He will help you to grow.
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      2. KaBlooZio
        Oh nonono, im not disagreeing with you at all. Its an ideal goal to give your absolute best in everything....however, because of how supply and demand work, it just dosnt work that way sometimes...even alot of times.
        Nov 27, 2015
      3. KaBlooZio
        or maybe "supply and demand" isint a very good description :/ .... Ok, here a recent issue ive been having at work. So im a dish washer, i work the night shift, and at the end of every night, after we close the guys in the kitchen barrage me with a ton of dishes. I get out every night about 9:30 pm. Sometimes my boss will tell me he wants me to be done sooner though, however my coworkers in the kitchen are not always ready to bring me the dishes i need to wash which always holds me u...
        Nov 27, 2015
      4. KaBlooZio
        -up.....nothing i can do about it :( , but my boss still wants me done sooner, right? Hopefully in such a situation the guy in charge would be understanding, and in my case that seems to be so....but ive had bosses who were just....far far less than reasonable.
        Nov 27, 2015
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