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  • My whole gripe with giving a sleep state restorative effects is that you are being put to sleep in combat. How could you possibly have time to rest? You're still in great danger and are being forced into a state of unconsciousness. That is not the same as rest...
    And a bed magically restores unconsciousness.
    Having too much fun setting up all the little events for game. Now I gotta work on creating enemies for arena. Long days of work. But it's all looking nice for something so plain
    In VX Ace the description for Certain Hit says counterattack, substitution and reflectionn are ignored. What it doesn't tell you is that it also ignores PDR and MDR buffs...
    Wow, good to know!
    Wyn Wizard
    Wyn Wizard
    what is pdr and mdr?
    PDR means Physical Damage Rate. MDR is Magical Damage Rate. Any MDR or PDR that is under 100% is RESIST. Anything over 100% is WEAKNESS. If you created a barrier spell that gives characters high resist (PDR or MDR 30%) and have a spell with Certain Hit, that Certain Hit spell will do full damage regardless of PDR or MDR.
    Random tip, VX ACE: If you don't need to add extra slots to equipment but wish to change the names. Just go to system and under head, accessory etc, just change what it says. In the game, what you type will show up. So you can make upper body, lower body or whatever you wish for your project.
    I FIXED IT!! That administrator problem has been solved. It was my PandaCloud Antivirus >_< A month of headaches over that???
    NOTE, Remember to check the master script list to get some small but useful scripts for menus, status info etc..
    You not having an avatar makes me sad :(
    Sorry it bothers you so much. I know it must make it a little tricky to quickly point people out.

    But I just never put thought into such a thing. Not sure why.
    Setting up simple scenes and finished my states. Working with support on some larger issues. Damn
    I think I'm going to make my moon spirit have no attacks. Just serious state changes for the party. It's going to be...interesting
    Damn, can't call commonn events from states. That would have made my command options in combat for summons pretty sweet
    Bleh! Should have made a skill sheet assigning the list to my characters ages ago
    Just reorganized all my skills and am tightening up formulas. Also cleaning up the classes/levels. Still feels like I barely scratched the surface with all this data
    Note to self, if you are concerned about stats not progressing enough, or you think you are being too restrictive, just up the numbers!
    That is one way to do it. Some laugh at my method of batch-testing EACH enemy against EACH level in the range I expect players to encounter them at, but I want to make sure that it gives maximum challenge, while at the same time giving a damn decent reward.

    I've been know to up the numbers quite a bit! Once, and this is the best time-I accidentally put two extra mini-bosses in the troop, and my wife (my playtester) was like "WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!" it was...
    That's the way to do it!
    So yes. After some tests it is VX Ace that has serious administrator problems. Everything else is totally fine. I can even save into the games that the program itself wont save into because of permission issues. WTF
    Thanks to my windows error, custom graphics I made for game r no longer granted permission. Fun! Concerned about data loss from reformatting. I cant afford to buy the program again. Good thing I got backup drive
    Why would you need to buy the program again or any of them again? If you bought software, wherever you bought them from should give you a copy again, especially if it was via digital download.
    I think it's mostly an issue of needing the resources already made, which Windows locked him out of. The default Administrator account should have all privileges on anything, since it's a hidden system account. There is always the SYSTEM account, but that's never a recommended thing to try to get into.
    Nevermind the concern about buying VX Ace again. Zalerinian thanks for helping. I checked off in my file properties to allow administrator privileges but it did not resolve anything. I go back to the game to try to fix up my graphics and I still get access denied, despite having full administrator rights, I am asked to look for the creator of the file (ME), and ask for administrator rights. I checked everything twice, went back and forth between accounts and still, the issue persists. No idea...
    I just know right off the bat that as soon as I set everything up for a demo I'm going to get from people "extraction failed" messages T_T Just planning ahead
    Waiting on word for my unwaiting to find graphics thread. Still cant copy game folders as the copies wont find their graphics.
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Moderators, you must have so much patience to be able to deal with everything. I mod in a server of sorts and today we just got a message, which, despite it's helpful constructive criticism, basically stated that all of the mods were jerks and that was the only reason our server was unlikeable. So, thank you, for having patience. You are appreciated! :kaoluv:
Haired slime? Trying some different styles of art. Maybe I can make some resources with this new kind of painting.......
i love my game very much
Uh, I'm probably overthinking this, but I think that some of my music sounds kinda...bad?
The melodies are just sort of awkward, and don't flow.
I'm really not sure what to do. Why am I even worrying about this? I don't even have a battle system yet!
And the Lord said, let there be lighting effects! And there were lighting effects! And it was good...ish? Might tweak this some more.

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