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    Thank you for your interest. My intention was to provide something for the RPG Maker Community. Regarding the Tilesets the ones in the spoiler "RTP Edits" are only to be used with RPG Maker, because it is almost entirely based on the RTP. The other two spoiler "boxes" do contain tilesets wich...
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    Thank you very much that you have informed me :) It seems I am not able to find a permanent image uploading site. Will work on it and upload it right now.
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    Oww.. Thank you very much! Yes I am doing well thank you. Hope you had a great start into the...

    Oww.. Thank you very much! Yes I am doing well thank you. Hope you had a great start into the new year!
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    I need darker mv resources

    Edit: Sorry my bad :) Misunderstood the topic
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    @GAsNa Thanks for your interest. As mentioned by hiddenone I have to reupload. It will take a while until everything is up again as I take the chance to work on some rearrangements and color adjustments etc. I have uploaded 1-10 of the tilemix sets today.
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    Happy to be back:kaohi:!

    Happy to be back:kaohi:!
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    Cyanides Edits

    Thank you for mentioning :) I am back from my long break. I will take care soon.
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    Cyanides Edits

    Ohhh thanks for sharing the image :) Thats a huge bed! Looks like someone has a lot of fun in his bedroom. I am really glad to see that its used!
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    Hey, thanks for your feedback. Glad you like it! I had thought about making some tutorials myself, I just need fo figure out how to start this up the best and decide what to show. If you want to go for a pixel art style I would suggest that you google some tutorials there are pretty much and...
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    Iliketea's Marvelous Tiles [updated: 14.03.2017, Closet Edits

    I really like the dark elegant look of your cupboards, but my favourites are the original items they are so detailed and creative especially the scrolls are well done! I can imagine having it laying around in a dungeon, teaching the party new spells or to brew potions :)
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    Hi, thank you all for the comments :) really glad to get your feedback. I have uploaded something new: Farm themed outside tiles and cyberpunk /modern tiles. Have Fun!
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    Sounds good, Thanks for the clarification. Think I can come up with some suitable stuff :) I thought before it will go in the direction like the most futuristic game settings I have seen, like clean cold spaceship insides. But after checking your screenshots again, looks like a...
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    Thanks guys for the nice feedback! Hey @Skurge :) nice to hear again from you. There will for sure start soon with some modern tileset stuff. But I am not sure if it will be a full sheet or pieces which I will expand from time to time. Anyway when there are specific things which you...
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    Thank you all for your nice feedback :) Was not so active some time, but was still working on tilesets. I lost myself creating things in different themes without completing one.But I am considering posting smaller pieces what is already done. There will be more coming soon. For now i...
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    Hups.. Did not notice this massage, my apologies. Was not so active the last month. Contact me...

    Hups.. Did not notice this massage, my apologies. Was not so active the last month. Contact me if you like via pm with details.

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