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  1. Battlefield "Enchantments"

    Wavelength is right as usual... dang man you are on this! I love this idea!! I would love to see something like this where at the start of a character's turn they have to choose to sacrifice something like HP/MP/TP or spell casting! This could force players to create a long term strategy...
  2. Thoughts on RPGs with lots and lots of characters?

    As long as the characters exist within the world... you don't want a lot of characters that don't belong, Chrono Cross had the most amazing characters that fit within the "world" (yeah there were 2!). Each character filled a unique role with their element grids and speech methodology. Just don't...
  3. The traditional EXP system

    You could have basic enemies yield 1exp each, this would allow GRINDING LOL, so there is a point, but also have them drop materials that could be used to enhance their equipment or sell for cash to get better equipment, yielding absolutely no EXP would seem unfair and create the "trash mob"...
  4. Games with Generic Heroes

    Not a video it is in an article of Game Informer # 272 December 2015, Quantum Break issue, starts on page 10. It loves you too. If you don't love it you are a FOOL... or you just don't like fun... Darn right I kept it... it guides me in my decisions like the Final Fantasy VI article in issue 259...
  5. Games with Generic Heroes

    Here it is~ Destiny: Great Gameplay mechanics, weak "story" (look if I have to leave the game to learn the story it isn't there! F*** DLC I paid for a full experience and I had to pay for internet to enjoy this for a month and then got bored of impressive loading screens), Generic (good)...
  6. An MC That Sucks And Consistently Sucks

    Yeah, thanks for the review, I'll be sure to skip it... who wants to watch the same guy play the same way and lose every time?
  7. Would this level-up mechanic work?

    Take this: have multiple "containers" hearts, lotusses & blades... whatever. Kill monsters, complete challenges, and they offer you a choice: what type of piece do you the player want for what you've done? How do you want to be rewarded? A similar thing works well with Bloodborne & the Souls...
  8. An MC That Sucks And Consistently Sucks

    I didn't care for the Ar Tonelico series. They forced the players to kill in specific manners, wolves ONLY taking damage from fire sources early on did it in for me, this being said I hate games that claim complete invulnerability (except with elementals or sensibility as with Pokemon) where you...
  9. Skill categorization

    Since we are talking about your first game just make something basic with a few skills, when you find that it is simple and acceptable, get your friends to look into it. Then take their criticisms seriously and make changes that don't tear down your vision. After your game is reasonably good...
  10. Text-Based Combat

    You HAVE to use scripts to make typing work at all... so scripting is MANDATORY... at least for... well 90% of what you would like to accomplish. Without scripts you'd have to make moods states... that is a headache.
  11. Alternative Calendar: AKA, Other Names for the Week.

    In the warhammer fantasy universe there are 10 days in a week. But that is kind of glossed over in some of the novels. Pathfinder's main campaign setting and Forgotten Realms each have diverse calendars loosely based off of our real world calendar.
  12. Implementing Wound System

    "Power at a price" (Limit Breaks for Wounds) Solution: Do both, give players more power at a cost... but the players have to choose to accept the cost for the penalty, it is more than HP/MP it is the very survival of your character, can he do it, should he do it? Those are the questions...
  13. Damage Types - Expanded

    But at the same time Chrono Trigger BROKE elements for me where Chrono Cross FIXED them, Chorno Cross used elements to MAXIMUM potential and Chrono Trigger basically Said, "Well screw it, you have 2 characters without elements." and then my jaw was on the floor... I couldn't believe it when I...
  14. Super Mario RPG/Tabletop Numbers

    @bgillisp Use Yanfly's weapon unleash system, set several "unleashes" and have them be normal attacks that hit between 1 & 4 times... you can easily do that rather than the low hit rate if they unleash based on % just don't have them capable of killing a boss without at least 5 full...
  15. Super Mario RPG/Tabletop Numbers

    @ bgillisp 75% is WAY too low... chrono cross has a really decent system though for the hit chance as they are all available to see right from the get go, I've noticed at 82% or higher I was comfortable with attack 2, but under that I'd need to tap the weakest option to increase my hit chance...

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