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  • For MV Engine, is it heavier draw a HUD with gauges or numbers?
    Depends on how multiple things. How many of each thing is, are gauges more than just colored rectangles, how big is the text, etc. However since we're now working in a Web browser whose primary job is pretty much to draw text, I'd venture to say they got something figured out to make that efficient. That said, basic rectangular gauges are no problem to draw either. They are boxes.

    I don't really think you'll hit a performance issues unless you're updating a few hundred or thousand elements per frame. 
    HOLD THE DOOR! ;_;
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    @Victor Sant Of course you can, you just scroll past it and go on with your life ;)

    Well I assumed you cared since you answered to a topic about something you don't care about? Why would you do that if you don't care?, doesn't make much sense :D  

    And they don't really bombard it to "everyone" unless they share it to you individually, they probably (just like CyndaBytes) are targeting fans of the show, or likeminded people. You have the choise to read what they post, they don't force you to it unless they as I said send it to you privately. 

    I'm sorry if I come off as a jerk, but your post brought me into thinking about: It's the same way with the people that spit on things they don't like and call everyone that likes it this, and that. I never give them a look if I see them posting stuff, and I don't put energy on them. But what I don't get is why they are so eager to **** on stuff they don't enjoy or don't care about? What is the point of that? (No saying that you did that in your post, it just came to my mind after reading yours).

    I'm pretty sure you have shared something you are passionate about to your friends or to some site ;)  but maybe you aren't human  :o  (I'm not actually, look at my avatar).
    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant

    What was seen, can't be unseen.

    For example, this 'Hold the Door' thing was like 9/10 everywhere to a point that even without the slightest interest on it I endend up understanding the whole meaning about it.
    @Victor Sant Well you took the decision to learn about it even if you hold no interest to it. It's not like someone held a gun to your head and forced you to understand the meaning of it, is what I'm trying to say. Many of my friends post **** on facebook that I have no interest in whatsoever, it just takes a millisecond to decide if you want to keep reading or not.
    If right is wrong, left is right.
    That blows my mind, but it works only in English. XD
    If right is wrong, then what is left? if right is wrong and left is right, then left is wrong, because right is left, which is wrong.  

    *brain explodes*
    @Dalph™ - Paradox! I object!  :p

    "I am dead but I am not dead."
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I just saw someone's post that had an instagram link. I have yet to be able to open that site up once, ever, or have an embed of it work (it just straight up won't show either of them). And I haven't really found a reason to try to fix the problem, either XD
I want to go play piano now. This is gonna be my stopping point today (yes, I’m very slow at drafting). Might have a few too many curly Qs? Obviously gotta finish the limbs and clean up. There are a few more outfit details I need to add. Probably going to do a background so that the pose makes sense, LOL.

Do you believe me now?

BTW not my insta, not my post. Different John.
It's been long time since last I'm tinkering with RPG Maker ~

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