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  • Presenting the minigame nobody asked for, yet everybody needs in their life - I mean, I'm assuming. It's pretty funny. To me, at least.
    Watermelon hunting!
    You find watermelon hidden around a town and smash them to pieces! You get watermelon slices - and sometimes rare ones appear that have been stuffed with items! :kaopride:It's got a great music track too
    More watermelon! Make a game all about watermelon! Give final bosses a 'throw watermelon' attack!
    Look, I'm a little stressed. Stressed Cythera has weird ideas.
    @Cynthera I mean, Super Mario is an italian plumber who jumps on monsters and can transform into various forms. Your idea really isn't that strange in comparison :p
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    Watermelon seems a very normal and natural idea for a stressed person in comparison to the ideas I have when I'm stressed or well, more stressed than the normal daily stressed.
    I've once again broken the time continuum in my game. Now I need a fresh save file for playtesting :kaoswt:
    I'm apparently the anti-time goddess. I keep breaking it!
    I feel there is a poetic justice in the final boss of a game destroying the dev's sanity during the development phase, and more than likely destroying a player's team during the actual game :ysrs: We're all gonna suffer together, okay?
    That irrational moment of panic when the forum doesn't load and my brain goes "I got banned" :kaocry:
    Clearly, that is not the case. Cythera is just being weird again. Nothing new to see here
    I know what you're thinking. And you're absolutely right.
    Not enough states. Need more :ysrs:
    Lotta States.png
    My poor mage...just quietly freezing to death...all those wasted buffs...
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    I'm just really bad at spelling haha. It's far better people tell me typos now than when my game is finished! It's an ongoing joke at this point.
    Worst thing is, I make the same, or very similar, errors every time
    there's an achievement in TF2 named "Rasputin", that you get for being hit with all kinds of damage available in a single life, and not dying.
    maybe you should do something like it?
    Hm, I really like that! I have an achievements system and I'm always up for expanding it.
    I have "die 50 times". Maybe some like "take 9,999 damage in a single hit and live" (need shields in place) and "have 12+ states active at once on a single character" ?
    I'm happy to report testing for the new demo that is infinitely more reflective of polished, intended gameplay is underway!
    So far, I've had just one fatal crash, two instances of walking on water, a one-time phasing through a fence, the warping of time itself, and a depressing amount of spelling mistakes! All the same mistake, by the way: 'recieve'
    ...Everything is under control :yswt:
    Ehhhh, ruby weapon!
    You know the strat for that, right?
    Kill your own party members beforehand. 1v1 Ruby with Cloud. Get the Final+Phoenix junction going. Or counter+knights
    As tempted as I am, I am NOT launching the game again to try those materia combos.
    Congrats! I'm almost at a demo release for one of my games, and lo and behold the hardest part is balancing. I have 2 hard but optional bosses in the demo that I want players to fear, but so far they have been a bit too easy or too hard.
    Why is it that whenever I'm on a roll with game devving, I gotta go do real-life stuff? Like work - bleh!
    I just have to hope my train of thought survives my shift and I can continue when I get home haha.
    I am very proud of the recent progress I have made :kaopride:
    It's a miracle. Cythera actually got some mapping done today.
    It was horrible.
    To reward myself, I designed a very dumb and pointless side quest involving an umbrella :kaopride:
    Sometimes I just wanna pop into a heated thread and go :popcorn:
    But then I'd probably be participating in internet drama, and that's too much human interaction for me. So I'll just slink back to my corner and get some dreaded mapping done :yswt:
    Kind of regretting adding NPC behaviors and having them go different places during different times >.> Yes, it's awesome to see them waddle home at night, yes, it adds world flavour. But oh, how it takes so much time...
    I think this is one thing I may have to say 'I bit off too much' haha. I'm starting to feel the work far exceeds any possible payoffs :yswt2:
    Oh yeah, I track game play progression too so NPCs react to changing world events.
    ...that makes the behaviors even more complex to implement. And I'm probably north of 200 NPCs.
    Urf. I just hate backing down :ysrs:
    I knew this would be an issue with my game! Instead of having a dynamic day/night system, I just have it transition after a certain amount of transfers had been met. So all the NPCs just have a thing they do during the day, and a thing they do during the night, instead of needing to have programming that has them walking to places. Less immersive, sure, but waaaay less work and still serves the same purpose.
    I thought about doing a day/night system, as well as changing their graphic to wear goggles during dust/sand storms, but it'd be a real pain with the amount of npcs I have (who already have multiple dialog options about local points of interest).
    Cythera's doing something dumb again.
    Literally nobody is asking for this. But I'm going crazy making this mechanic. Because I think it'll be really cool when it's done!
    Now, if the game will ever be done - THAT is up for debate haha...ha :kaoswt:
    @Cythera You just described me, too. I usually end up breaking things by trying to improve upon perfection XD
    @SpyroFan67 I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but I know I have it for sure (hello checking doorlocks multiple times!). I also deal with a perfectionist complex, which is why I've been working on my games for literal years and revamped them several times to get to where I want.
    @cthulusquid Yeah having it can actually
    be helpful in some ways because it makes
    you more thorough, making sure something
    is really good quality before you put it out.
    So many QoL and balancing and mechanics changes...I wanna put out a new demo for my game that is more reflective of the intended final product, but, ugh! I told myself I wasn't allowed to do any more updates until the game was finished.
    Or it would just be a series of 'ooh, this is neat - update the game now!' :yswt:
    I actually worked on my game. And what's this?!
    It looks like craftable augments in a WIP (hah) menu! No more random traits! Add the new customizable stats, and gear is now 110% whatever you want it to be!
    Not really haha. It's modded YEP stuff. Item, synthesis, and augment plugins make the bulk of this system.
    If you buy gear, you can't upgrade it (comes pre-statted) but really, should carry you for most mainstory content except the final boss. This system is more for building weird team comps where your healer ends up OHKOing freaking bosses!
    Looks interesting but weird. That red text with some almost black background is kind of hard to read.
    You can change the textbox colour in-game if it's hard to read :yhappy: I just like mine to be gray haha
    The purpose of the red text is to show if the traits stack or not if multiple pieces of gear have the same augment. Red doesn't stack; green will. So with this, even if your dual-weapon char has Bloodthirsty on both her weapons, she'll only get the 10% lifesteal
    That was a stressful afternoon. Multiple tornados touched down in my area. No major injuries, but a lotta damage.
    Not quite sure how all of them missed me. Go like 2km from me, and it's a mess.
    My cats are okay though ^-^
    I discovered my game's to-do list contains something called "+Speed of the Tuna".
    And no. I have absolutely no idea what that means, where it comes from, or why/when I wrote it. Someone tell past me to better write out her thoughts.
    Completely redoing the item drop and steal pools for all the enemies in my game, to go along with all the recent changes I've made to the crafting system. It is...tiring :yswt: 70/~150 enemies done.
    Even though it's messy and scrappy and very rookie, I am ever so happy when my cobbled-together code works :yhappy:
    I managed to mod YEP's crafting plugin so I can add custom categories. That way all my craftable items aren't shoved into a single list! That gets very long and annoying to look through.
    Phew! Finally finished completely overhauling the way armour, weapons, and crafting work in my game.
    One day I'll actually finish the game rather than keep changing stuff, but I do view this as a necessary change.
    Now to just...balance test everything...oh dear :yswt:
    Today I found out I'm a Greek island...
    I don't know who I am anymore :ysad:
    The name pronunciations are super different though.
    I will take that! :yswt:
    This threw me for way more of a loop than I want to admit, and for no logical reason.
    I was thrown for a similar loop when I discovered that my name means "linden tree" in Romanian XD
    Let's see if anyone will automatically sing this tune...She's a Greek...pause...Isle! (Replace Greek Isle with Brick House.) You are also apparently connected to Aphrodite and a shipwreck. Who knew?
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