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  • So I'm moving my PC so I can watch a movie in bed, feeling pretty clever. I hear a little slurp noise behind me, and I turn to see my 18 year old cat on my bedside table, drinking the milk in my teacup:kaomad3: Not the kitten. But the elder cat.
    And yes, I drink milk before bed.
    I have failed; I forgot not one but TWO mechanics I gave my own boss in my own game, and I saw my own game over screen.
    It's not even hidden mechanics; there is a player skill that is instant-use and shows passives enemies have! Did I use it? No, why would I need to use that skill; I made the boss! I know the mechanics! :kaoswt:
    It is so satisfying to destroy bugs when playtesting. Especially when it's a long-standing, very tiny minor bug that has escaped death for so long. No longer! No longer shall it plague me, its source unknown!
    ...Ah-hem. I'm good.
    I've decided. I'm going to make a rougelike.
    There's some ideas I've had lately I really want to make, but feel they're a little too cruel for a casual game. So instead of trying to add them into my current game, I'm going to make a side project!
    Where I'll find the time I know not. But it should be amusing either way!
    Cruelty in a roguelike? That's a staple of the genre! How else am I going to die of starvation in some random sewer because the RNG hates food? My dwarf barbarian outhealed all damage, so Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup decided to give him the ol' middle finger of bad RNG.
    I promise you...that is tame compared to what I have planned.
    I'm hiding behind 'it's a roguelike!' so I'm not going to pull any punches. It's going to be solely for me to scratch that itch and have some fun with brutalizing mechanics :yswt:
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    I finally made a gingerbread village today. Let's just say the structural integrity of the houses were...very poor. There were also hard choices to be made about some of the inhabitants.
    On a completely unrelated note, I now have a stomachache :yswt:
    My kitten has yet to comprehend that the blanket moves because I'm under it - I am not prey or a toy!
    I have so many bite marks on my legs and feet :kaosigh:
    Whenever MV stops responding when I try to save my progress, I have a mini heart attack and frantically try to recall everything I did so I can redo it after the program crashes.
    Thankfully, it saved.
    This time... >.>
    That and file corruption has lead to me have (literally) 10 backup copies with different dates on a USB drive, and a copy saved on the cloud. >_>
    Wow...I leave MV running for ages at a time and never have a problem. I think it's crashed once in 1,643 hours of use.
    Lucky! I only have this happen on my main project, so I'm thinking map count or general file size has something to do with it :3
    Don't forget to track Santa, everyone! :kaojoy:
    I just want to share that I'm feeling so much better than I was a few weeks ago. It's really weird to have this much energy! I've been doing better in school too.
    My poor friends, though! Since I have more energy and feel much happier, I jump topics when talking to them about a dozen times a minute! There's just so much I want to talk to them about :kaojoy:
    I planned to finish the maps for a dungeon tonight.
    What did I do? I made an optional side quest and boss! Success! :yhappy:
    Wait a second...
    All my classes for second term just got moved to online. I can't complain. I wasn't looking forward to driving into university at 6pm in Canadian winters. Plus, I just prefer online classes, being the antisocial weird creature I am! :yswt:
    That's awesome, ATT. It is important to school kids! It may seem really small to adults, but it's huge to them haha. The 'we have no school because there's snow! Time to play outside!' is so exciting!
    I still get happy about the idea of snow days, and I'm a uni student haha. My classes stop for nothing. Now if I'll attend or choose to play in the snow...
    Actually, my mom gets excited about snow days too. Mostly because she works at a school, LOL.
    I just realized this means I won't be able to audit the game dev course I want
    Because I won't have the zoom meeting link or password
    Now I am very upset :yswt2:
    Yay, I'm on anti inflammatory medicine awaiting blood test results because of severe and never ending headaches ._.
    I do not have time for this nonsense
    Yeah, it does answer a lot of questions over the years - cold hands and feet, tiring easily, shortness of breath.
    Doesn't bring me any joy at the moment though haha. Even if it is manageable. Nobody likes to find out there's something medical not right
    Unfortunately most of us have something that's not quite at 100%
    Frequent doctor visits to be certain things are still under control are not fun and even with insurance ends up being more money than I would like....
    Yeah, it's not fun to know there's something unfixable with your body. Nobody really wants to take pills or shots forever. Still, as someone who has an untreatable chronic illness, I think something treatable is ultimately a blessing. I think you'll be surprised by how much easier some things are once your symptoms are under control.
    I totally misread the date for my math test, so I just wrote a test without studying and I am very afraid :kaoswt2:
    Reading week is over; back to school time. Which is a shame, because I'm suddenly feeling super inspired to work on my game :yswt: It's fine; I only have 2 tests and 4 assignments due this week!
    Oh is that all? Easy-peasy :p
    1 math test, 1 psych test(technically midterm #2), 3 programming assignments, and 1 group business assignment lol
    Nothing difficult. Just time consuming.
    How dare university take away from my game dev time?! ;)
    Happy Halloween, everyone!!! :kaojoy:
    I'm so annoyed with myself...I can't get this code to work so it looks like I'm going the plugin route for a problem I should be able to do myself :kaolivid:Great. Now I get to murder save file compatibility. Again.
    My washing machine is a supernatural being. I lost a piece of clothing in there a month ago; searched up and down, inside other clothes, nothing. It just vanished.
    Today, put in a new load. When I pull it out, the missing clothing is back! And a sock was sacrificed in the process :yswt2:
    In my first game there was a secret room you could reach by inserting a special coin into a public washing machine, full of gold and lost clothes. Maybe I was closer to reality than I thought. Did you check for any hidden passages in your magic washing machine?
    No but I should!
    And that's also a really nifty idea; it's giving me some fun side quest ideas :3 Like a door that opens to different places with a different key
    @coucassi, there's this art group called Meow Wolf who made an exhibition called the House of Eternal Return, in which they put an interdimntional gateway inside of a washing machine, I'm not even kidding xD
    I have a micro economics midterm tomorrow. I'm not worried.
    Should be a...small exam :kaojoy:
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