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    Call them by the right title.

    This ^^ has been added to my ever-expanding 'Snippets' file. Thanks, Shaz.
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    Call them by the right title.

    This is the 'code' I inserted into the Plug-in to declare its Resources... Change, obviously, for the paths and names of your Resources. I placed these lines just before the '@help' section of the Plug-in; I've left that mention just as a reminder. I didn't use the file suffixes. As for...
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    Call them by the right title.

    My method works for me, in two parts... 1 - I start my Projects completely empty (that's to say, I don't use 'New' to create a Project, but copy into a now folder a pre-prepared Empty Project which contains no resources at all...). By doing this, I can be sure that any resources needed have...
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    Pixi Errors and Graphics freeze

    This Project works straight out of the box on my modest PC; no white screen, nor 'hanging'. Upon invoking the Console, Network tab, there are 3 'map' files not found (and for cause; they don't exist...), but I have this same 'warning' on every one of my Projects, which all work correctly. I'd...
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    how to update rpg maker mv

    The latest version (1.3.4 at the time of redaction...) is complete, and has no need of previous versions. The Update, however, is best applied only  to the preceding version (ie: 1.3.3...) If in doubt, download the complete version. Does this answer your question..?
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    Event Variables Help

    I would suggest, at start of Game, to set  the Experience needed for next Level in a Variable (Next_Leve...), so 1*100 (100...). At each Level change, replace this value with the new value. So, upon reaching Level 2 (assuming this can be detected...), Next_Level becomes 300 (calculated from...
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    Event Variables Help

    It's not clear exactly what help you need, I'd say. Could you please clarify, or give a more precise example of what you're having trouble with..? It may be easily explained (or not..!), but it's too vague a the moment. What are you trying to do, and what have you already got..?
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    Stuck on loading on PC after deploying with unused files. Tried everything.

    When I start a new Project, I copy a complete Empty Project that I'd previously made by removing absolutely all unnecessary files, from the outset, rather than invoking 'New' from the Editor. This ensures that, as I advance my Project, the only files in there (png, BGM, SE, whatever...) have...
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    Script works, but not in a Conditional. Explanation, please..?

    Thanks for that; I'll try it out and see where it leads me. Plug-ins, you see, are still 'Dark Matter' to me, so I'm more than wary of even using them, let alone creating or modifying them..! That being said, I've already dipped my virtual toe into those murky waters, having added a series of...
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    RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    @Little Paw... Good to learn, but I'm afraid that that won't make me any younger..! I'm rather too set in my ways (yes, it's sad, I know...) and just don't see any great advantage (to me...) in embracing these new-fangled systems. It's not just steam; there are many webby things that I...
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    Handling Show Choices in Javascript

    Well, thanks to Hudell, and quite some trial and (mostly...) error, I finally got this to work... Much attention to detail, such as these blasted Brackets and Braces, and it's not guaranteed to be without drawback somewhere, but at least it works..! Yippee..!
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    Script works, but not in a Conditional. Explanation, please..?

    @Hudell... Yay..! I finally got this to work, with the Hero Face and all..! Many thanks; I've learned a lot (most especially the pernickerty nature of js concerning Brackets, Braces and more..!). Somewhat academic, maybe, as the standard Commands are easier to handle, but will surely be...
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    RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    I must say that I agree with all of the above ^^ .
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    RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    I must say that I agree with most of the above ^^. I'm 'old-school', and very much not clued up on this here 'steam' stuff; I prefer to have things on my own PC, and I'm not always connected to t'web, either. I've nothing against the concept for others, but there's is no way that I would ever...

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