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    Daheji and stuff

    Barbara from Genshin Impact fanarts!
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    Front View or Side View?

    I voted front-view. My main reason is that front-view battles usually require a lot less resources than side-view battle. As a hobbyist game maker, this is very important because I don't have all the time I want to make games. And I have always been a fan of the battle system from the Pokemon...
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    Daheji and stuff

    Other Genshin Impact Fanarts:
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    What was your fav character in your own game?

    My favorite character is Elysée from my very own first completed project Version Fille. My friends and followers have been joking that 50% of my work is about Elysée. Which I think is actually true. This is a faceset I drew for Elysée in my game Version Fille. She is the character with the...
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    How did you go about finding your previous project members?

    Like Kokoro Hane, it is within my own circle. I used to play an MMORPG called Dragonica (Dragon Saga in the US) and I was in an awesome guild. The guild was quite big so we had a very wide variety of people with different skills and interests. Some of them were interested in game dev, just...
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    Daheji and stuff

    Some more characters from my projects Version Fille and Version Paradis:
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    Daheji and stuff

    Thanks! -- Here some artworks for characters of my own projects Version Fille and its spin-off/sequel Version Paradis.
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    Daheji and stuff

    Hi, I'm back with some new artworks. I've been playing a lot of Genshin Impact these past few months, so here are some fanarts I did for Christmas.
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    RMVX Version Fille - Chapter 8 available! Complete episodic game!

    I'm sorry that you got turned off by the humor of Version Fille. It is a game that target a certain niche that you don't belong to unfortunately.
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    RMVX Version Fille - Chapter 8 available! Complete episodic game!

    I'm not sure I understand this question. Are you asking if this game has sensitive contents? This game has an adult-oriented and very stupid and kind of dark humor. Hope it answered your question ! By the way, I changed a bit the trailer for the french version of the game: The french...
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    Daheji and stuff

    Here is Elysée in a school swimsuit. She is still my favorite character from Version Fille and it's been long time since I drew her.
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    Daheji and stuff

    I'm not a professional but I do know that to get better at drawing, you need to study the fundamentals and use references. I go to google images to get references. Like, for my last drawing, I just searched "Squat" and got a lot of pictures of people squatting. Youtube has a lot of videos...
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    Daheji and stuff

    There we have Nanako x Sana. Nanako never met Sana in Version Fille, but in Version Paradis, she will often meet Elysée and so, she will eventually meet Sana. Nanako used to scare away every guy she approaches because she is too forceful, but Sana is actually very chill and will befriend Nanako...
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    Here is the french trailer of Version Fille Version Finale, french version: [MEDIA] Will work...

    Here is the french trailer of Version Fille Version Finale, french version: Will work on an english trailer when I have the time. The game is available in english on :
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    RMVX Version Fille - Chapter 8 available! Complete episodic game!

    Here is the french trailer ! I'm still working on the launcher for the english version. I'm writing it from scratch again. Stay tune !

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