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  • Just wanted to check with you if you were still active, I've managed to get around to altering all the playable maps in the project to have larger roads.
    You seem amazingly knowledgeable and helpful for someone who's only joined not so long ago. I'm impressed. I also like the Suikoden games and the original Chinese story (except for the ending).
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    I worked with rmxp a lot waaaaay back, so I'm familiar with eventing. I stopped because I lost the installation cd and my old pc died. More recently while writing plugins I scoured through quite a bit of the rmmv base code and made a note of all the useful script calls...I never had any motivation to learn ruby/rgss, but javascript is a different story.
    Plugin writing is too much fun. Next goal: A Suikoden Trading System.
    Have you ever done a suikoden battle system?
    No, but I'm guessing you're referring to the army battles right? The normal battle system is pretty standard for a jrpg. The rock-paper-scissors battle of suikoden 1 is doable but the TBS/RTS style of later games is too complicated of a mini-game for me to want to do.
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The X-Mas and ~ all ~ December long Calendar Project seems to bring my machine right to the limit. A very good oportunity to test what my pc can do. Or at which point I should decide to take a step back from filling the rendering program with assets.
The new grafics card and ram do their job well, that's for sure. My own early Christmas gifts were a good investment.
my laptop keyboard gave up, they keep glitching out, it seems like it's time to finally replace them, honestly surprised it lasted this long.
Tiny setback. Turns out my Title Screen image and one of my primary background & avatar images are AI Generated. Glad I went back and checked all my resource links. So I am in hot pursuit of replacement images. Which is fine since I was still missing some images that I need anyway.
Watching Vibrato Chain Battle System is too awesome! watch I wish had this gfx and animation skill to make such game!
Got drawn back by a notification about QPlugins. For those who want the MZ versions I was using, they're on my Github. https://github.com/ImaginaryVillain/QPlugins I literally don't care what you do with them, have fun! :LZSlol:

Meanwhile.. I'm glorying over these 550 new Victorian house models Epic gave me this month. See next post for examples....

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