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    You too <(^-^)Y

    You too <(^-^)Y
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    Took wallet damage from all the Halloween game sales. Oops. Off I go to terrify myself into...

    Took wallet damage from all the Halloween game sales. Oops. Off I go to terrify myself into sleeplessness...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Ahah, I had wondered why there were different types of colliders in the code, now I see. I've only done testing with characters and they were all circles so I kinda...assumed. I thought the polygons were only for the map tiles and all events were round. I was experimenting with changing the...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Thank you so much for this plugin! Movement looks a lot less rigid now~ :D I've been waiting for a good pixel movement plugin. I also tested out a simple character distance calculator using the collider coordinates in this plugin and it works great! here
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    Battle Mechanics Help: Battle Action Experience

    Putting all your suggestions together, what about something like this? Bonuses are stacked on top of normal stat gain from leveling. With normal stat gain, all characters would end up almost identical. Atk, Mat, Agility Ending battles in 1 turn (largest bonus) Ending battles in <= 3 turns...
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    Durian. Trick or treat? The treat is a trick :p

    Durian. Trick or treat? The treat is a trick :p
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    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix

    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix by Dahlys Make Player, Vehicles, and Events BIG Introduction By default, only the base tile for characters is solid regardless of sprite size. To make it bigger, you need to make multiple events. With this plugin, you can make characters occupy more...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    This may just be me and my bad eyes (or monitor), but I can barely see the contrast in her dress on a light background (white, light blue, yellow), especially for the non-zoomed in version. Maybe use some darker hues for the shadows on the clothes? On the contrary, the color contrast for the...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    I see! I guess I should only draw on paper as a guideline, then make the actual sprite pixel by pixel. It's hard work! You guys are amazing for making all that stuff O_O I love the look of the dragonbones plugin, but there appears to be quite the steep learning curve so I've been putting it...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    If you zoom in you'll notice that line thickness is not even and the parts of the images that should overlap perfectly actually don't (like the body of the robot). The lines looked even on paper but when I shrunk the image they became really blurry and the thickness very uneven.
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    Hi, I am making sprites for the first time and it turned out weird ._. I'm not sure how to do pixel art so I drew the sprite on grid paper and colored it in, then scanned it, re-scaled, and adjusted the color in photoshop. How does everyone normally makes sprites that are nice and symmetric to...
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    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix alpha

    I am using big sprites and wish to fix the movement, collision, and trigger problem. I tried Estriole's plugin but there seemed to be problems when 2 large events collided. This is the current version. Current Features: Set vehicle size in plugin parameters. Run comment commands to make...
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    Battle Mechanics Help: Battle Action Experience

    That seems cool! It'll be fun to add that kind of adaptability in too, I'm up for a math challenge :D
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    Battle Mechanics Help: Battle Action Experience

    Could I have some examples of what you mean by multiple elements and flexibility? Do you mean combining this with other ways to gain stat increases, like the normal exp gain system, or merging it with the quest system so grinding stats becomes more of a bonus than a necessity?

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