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    Timed Bar Display

    This looks handy, but the dropbox link is dead. :aswt2: Anyone have a mirror, or a link to a similar script?
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    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    Sadly, your suggestion only really affects commands in battle, which isn't what I need. :rsad:
  3. DaklozeDuif

    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    Not sure if that post was meant for this thread. :rswt2:
  4. DaklozeDuif

    New attack skill

    I think this has what you are looking for:
  5. DaklozeDuif

    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    Yes, this is what I want. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough.
  6. DaklozeDuif

    Remove Attack Command (Sometimes)

    So if I understood this correctly, you want to hide attack/guard from the battle menu entirely when these skills are disabled? If that is the case, you can use this script: Window_ActorCommand.prototype.makeCommandList = function() { if (this._actor) { if (this._actor.canAttack) {...
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    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    My game only has one skill type. This however, means that whenever someone wants to use a skill from the menu while on the map, they have make one more click than is necessary in order to select a skill: Open Menu > Select Skills > Select Actor > Select Skill Type > Select Skill That's not...
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    RPG Maker MV to Android Export Tool

    Hrm, I'm a little antsy about installing programs made by unknown posters that require administrator privileges. Has anybody else tried this yet?
  9. DaklozeDuif

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Update: I was wrong about skill Yanfly cooldowns/warmups not working. It does work, but it is a bit wonky due to the way turns work. I did not realize that every action a character performs counts as a turn. Also, all warmups are reduced by 1, even if you get the very first turn. (Though...
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    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Edited! See below.
  11. DaklozeDuif

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Wow, this demo is amazing. Great job.
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    Quasi ABS

    This plugin looks really cool. Consider me hyped.
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    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    If you mean installing Crosswalk and then using the command line to create the APK: I already did that. It actually has the same issue I'm having now AND it has broken sound. And I am pretty sure the XDK conversion runs smoother. (Though that might just have been me) Thanks for the advice though.
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    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    Uh all of them. And one of them is the default chest open sound effect. The one that you get in a brand new project. I'll give it a shot, but I was kind of hoping that the later versions of Crosswalk would work with RPG Maker MV. Or is it just a bug in 19? Update: It works! Altough...
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    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    I have a bizarre issue. The app works fine. But it doesn't play sound effects. Music is OK though. So basically, anything in the BGM maps works (and even loops properly) but anything in the SE map is doesn't play. And both are .m4a files. Also I just noticed this thread is kinda old...

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