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    RMMV Hime's Actor Battle Commands not hiding/showing

    Hi there! I'm using Hime's Actor Battle Commands ( I've created a command that I want to only show up under certain circumstances, sort of like a summon effect, called Incarnate. I've made it a skill type with an ID of 5, and the only actor...
  2. Damascus7

    RMMV Elemental damage colors

    I'd like to have a way to change the color of damage popups depending on the elemental damage type. I've searched around for a similar plugin, but haven't found anything like this for MV. If necessary, I'm willing to add different colors directly to the damage.png if necessary. The colors I...
  3. Damascus7

    Getting individual Yanfly plugins?

    I'm actually glad to see that it's a bug, I was worried they were intentionally taken down. I suppose I will wait until it goes back up. Thank you!
  4. Damascus7

    Getting individual Yanfly plugins?

    Hi there. So I need Yanfly's Extended Damage Over Time plugin for a burn status. He doesn't seem to be selling this plugin (and many of his plugins) individually anymore. It seems to be party of a $10 pack. Problem is, I already have most of those plugins before he bundled them up in packs, so...
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    Increasing a variable when an item is bought... but not decreasing when it's used/sold

    @caethyril I like that! I may end up using that to save on time and script space. Thank you! @MushroomCake28 I will do this, didn't see in the rules before.
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    Increasing a variable when an item is bought... but not decreasing when it's used/sold

    Really I just need it for this single item for a quest. So far the script Solar_Flare put up above seems to be working well for me. I don't think I'll have to worry too much about players selling potions; if they're at the stage where they have so many potions that they want to sell some...
  7. Damascus7

    Increasing a variable when an item is bought... but not decreasing when it's used/sold

    Correct. This quest is given as "It's dangerous out there, so you should get some healing potions to protect yourself." So they are more for the player than the quest giver. Currently the only way to get the potions is through one of two shops, you can't get them from drops or chests. I have...
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    Increasing a variable when an item is bought... but not decreasing when it's used/sold

    Hi there! I'm looking for a way to count how many of an item a player purchases over time, but not have that count get reduced if they use or sell that item. A quest requires the player to buy 3 healing potions. The current way I am counting it is by having a script that checks how many of the...
  9. Damascus7

    FROG_TalentBasedTraits: skills getting added to all classes

    Hi there! I'm currently using Frogboy's Talent-Based Traits, which is built off his Talent Core. I'm having an unusual little glitch. I have some Skills that should be added to a set of talents. As it is now, in my Talent Core, these Talents should only be available to classes 5 and 6. No other...
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    Yanfly Sideview Enemies: abnormal animations not lasting

    Hi all. I'm using Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies, and have been having a lasting problem. When an enemy is brought below a certain HP threshhold, their idle animation switches to the Crisis/Abnormal animation. However, whenever they perform any other kind of animation, from either attacking...
  11. Damascus7

    Removing menu options making plugin menu options disappear

    Ah, I can't believe I forgot about that one. I had been removing the Formation command both through the Systems tab and through the Main Menu Manager, and both caused the problem. For some reason, I was assuming that Main Menu Manager was not the problem, but it seems like it was! After I...
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    Removing menu options making plugin menu options disappear

    I did already put in links for the Monster Book and Quest Journal plugins. Do you need links for ALL the plugins I'm using?
  13. Damascus7

    Removing menu options making plugin menu options disappear

    I'm currently using two plugins that create custom menu commands: Mr. Trivel's Monster Book and Yanfly's Quest Journal. I'm now encountering a problem when I try to remove some of the standard menu options. Here is what the menu is with all commands: Item Skill Equip Status Formation Quest...
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    Custom Restricted Selling plugin conflicting with Yanfly Independent Items

    Hello! I'm having a small problem with a custom plugin that someone wrote for me. In this thread, theartofme wrote me a quick Restricted Selling plugin, which makes it so a shop can only buy certain items from the player. The problem is a conflict with the Independent Item trait of Yanfly's...
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    SRD Character Creator EX: removing options

    Hi there! I am using SRD's Character Creator EX in my game at the moment, and I was wondering if there was a fairly easy way to remove options from it? For the world the game takes place in, there are a few unrealistic options, such as blue/grey skin, wings, animal ears, and tails. Though I...

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