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  • Just got my Letter of Offer for the teaching course I applied for. Means I will need to move to NSW but I can't wait :)
    It's amazing how many birthday's you don't really celebrate after your 21st. Turned 22 today and realized that only the big 0's count from now on. Lol funny the things you think of when you get older :)
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Oh... I'll be 22 in a few days... XD
    You don't think 22 is old but then you turn 27 and all of a sudden you're staring 30 in the face.
    @adiktuzmiko happy birthday for then :)

    @Jef229 lol I thought I was old at the age of 18 when I realized that I had lived lived a quarter of my expected lifespan. But then again I'm a Christian so compared to someone like Methuselah I won't even be old when I die.
    Just stripped out the mess I ended up creating in my signiture and linked to the webcomic Gaia instead.
    Created my first signiture. Wasn't sure what else to put in it so I decided to put links to two resources that I use a fair bit.
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Well, if anyone has a funny, simple, easy RM game they want me to playtest/review, I would love it.
Someone close to me straight up told me they didn't think my relationship with my girlfriend would last. No lead up, very bluntly. Like it's obvious or something. Trying not to let it get to my head, but it's hard.
The distraction would be a life saver.

My first foray into a plugin that I plan to release. Working on something for those who want to set up a Dragon Quest style battle HUD with minimal fuss. Includes the ability to round the battleback corners to fit your windowskin and, of course, front-view animations.

Do you ever wonder where the heck everyone is going at 9:00 at night? Like... guys, go home! Get some sleep! Me? Oh, I'm out to get pizza 'cause I decided supper time was 9:30 tonight.
Updated my map with new terrain, improved the water and added some fishes, also added a beautiful rainbow!

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