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  • Just got my Letter of Offer for the teaching course I applied for. Means I will need to move to NSW but I can't wait :)
    It's amazing how many birthday's you don't really celebrate after your 21st. Turned 22 today and realized that only the big 0's count from now on. Lol funny the things you think of when you get older :)
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Oh... I'll be 22 in a few days... XD
    You don't think 22 is old but then you turn 27 and all of a sudden you're staring 30 in the face.
    @adiktuzmiko happy birthday for then :)

    @Jef229 lol I thought I was old at the age of 18 when I realized that I had lived lived a quarter of my expected lifespan. But then again I'm a Christian so compared to someone like Methuselah I won't even be old when I die.
    Just stripped out the mess I ended up creating in my signiture and linked to the webcomic Gaia instead.
    Created my first signiture. Wasn't sure what else to put in it so I decided to put links to two resources that I use a fair bit.
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Getting to play your RM game on Steam Deck? How cool is that?
The best among us don't set out to be heroes. They don't want that job. They just set out to do the things nobody else wants to do. Because... someone has to do it.
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Magus avatar homey!
Getting back into the thick of work on Untold Story and it feels great to be back. I'm gonna take what I learned from the Game Jam and try and get some serious work done for the rest of 2021.
The "docs" are honestly soo frustrating. Eg. positionType : "Returns the current position type of the message window." Yes, great. could you please also tell me if 0 was bottom or top, so i don't have to start a playtest to see, because i keep forgetting it all the time, and what are the docs even for, if not that? (it's top btw...)

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