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  1. Terrax Lighting system

    Uhm hey guys i was wondering if this script worked on your android phones as i tried to make it work on my android devices and still did not work at all. im using the Intel XDK and i might think thats the problem. ty in advance.
  2. Ads could be possible ?

    Rip, ty.
  3. Ads could be possible ?

    Hello everyone!, today i came across this Japanese site and what appear to me that this Plugin the guy made which only works on iOS using unity ads, i had a friend of mine test it and he said it worked after watching a video and you earn an item after watching a video, its like rewarding videos...
  4. DMV Map Buttons

    hi guys uhm its a great script yet i fail to show the buttons on my screen, do i put the icons in my system? do i need to call script for something? im confused its like a puzzle with this script.. EDIT: got it to work. ty
  5. Terrax Lighting system

    Uhm sir, its a great plugin yet it does not work  on android :) .
  6. Lighting Script MV

    i tried the terrax lighting system, its awesome, but yet to fail in android, it does nothing when it comes to porting in android.
  7. Sequence Switches

    Never mind sir, i got it to work perfectly :) ty
  8. Sequence Switches

    yeah i read your Variable guide and i didnt understand it that well, i mean yes i can make some good Variable puzzles but when it comes to Sequence puzzle i fail.
  9. Sequence Switches

    Hello, Im working on a game and im trying to make a sequenced switches that works only in 1 way, Like only the following switch sequence would open the gate,( switch 2, 1, 3, then 4) Note: Im new to the forums so i dont know which section i should be posting in, and Im not very good in...
  10. *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    I exported on android and Im facing a Problem as i told u Faytless xD, i cannot get out of the load Game Screen without loading a saved game, meaning if i click on load and i want to go back to the title without loading a saved game, its impossible, i tried double tabs, hold tab, xD 3 tabs, and...

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