Dane Reid is a solo bassist, who creates beautiful music just by putting a capo on and playing melodies. Dane have been playing the bass since he was 15 but his first bass guitar was a electric. Once he picked up the bass for the first time he knew this instrument will change his life. When Dane first started playing, he started off by playing other bass lines by Sting, Paul Mccartney, Victor Wooten, and John Entwistle. When Dane was 16, he then discovered the finger-style acoustic players such as Andy Mckee, Don Ross, and Antoine Dufour. When he heard their playing he then realized he wanted to make music just like them, but on the bass! So when Dane created his first song, he used elements Andy Mckee, Don Ross, John Entwistle, and Victor Wooten used. That is when He created "Modern Flow". Once he made that song, he realized that he wanted to make music his career. So after he created Modern Flow, he decided to make much more songs such as "Fast Ride", "Grassland", "Through the Wind" etc. After he created many of these songs, he decided to play in a few open mics around New York. Every where he went, everyone fell in love with his music and he opened their ears to bass playing because they never knew anyone can make such music with just one bass! And until this moment on, he plans on learning more from other great musicians to become the greatest bass player of all time.

I actually have another goal now. My goal is to make as many music for as many people as possible. To the point where major game companies such as Square Enix, Nintendo, Capcom etc. contacts me to make music for their games. I'm really looking forward to doing this and working with all of you guys :D

Oct 24, 1993 (Age: 26)
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I can't believe my dlc flopped that hard. It's depressing. I'm a fricking failure at being a musician.
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