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    Let your kids be creative!

  2. danielvutran

    The jeipi MV resource shack

    Cool! thx! xD
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    A stylized pirate ship for MV!

    Soooooooo kewl!! Ty for this! 
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    The Butcher

    PPUDGE!!!!!  :P   :P   :P   :rock-left:   :guffaw:   :rock-right:
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    Necrology's Clutter/Un-Snowified trees/Edits

    :rock-left:   :rock-right:   :rock-left:   :rock-right:   :D   :D   :D
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    Damage patch

  7. danielvutran

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    u r a GOD!!! TY SO MUCH !  XD
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    10kk's Legendary Weapons & Icons [MV] (Updated 11/21)

    Sick!!!!  Will def be using these! xD
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    FPS Max Plug-in? Seems like this could already be a plug-in but it's hard to check...

    Hi, I've checked this page that was stickied (all 16 pages of it!) for some FPS counter of some sort, so that I could cap my FPS to 30 or 60. And I couldn't find it. I would try searching these forums but unfortunately the term "FPS" is only 3 characters long, and you need a minimum of 4...
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    Official Bug Report

    Just going to add another +1 to the audio issues party! Sound test preview no longer works for me when previewing BGM or SE. In fact, RPG Maker MV is not even showing up in my volume mixer! Very strange indeed lol as it was working just fine a few days ago... xp 
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    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Awesome tutorial!!!! Definitely helpful for noobs like me! lol xdfg
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    Gameus' Quest System

    Holy SHBOOPY!!!! You are a freakin godsend!!! 
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    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    Short curvy hair I lab!!!! xD

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