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    Eternal Twilight

    How you doing Fernyfer? Are you working on something new? Did you consider putting ET on Steam?
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    your favorite "first dungeon" in a jrpg

    Yeah, but probably don't put that map into your RPG Maker game.
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    On Clarity or Rules and following them.

    When mod tells you that you broke the rules - it's perceived as mod warning regardless of intention. Toxicity is the one thing mods should control, as I've clearly said in the previous post. That's actually part of my point. Members don't really want some parent figures standing above them...
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    Who is KEMCO?

    I've played one of their titles released on Steam. It was frankly pretty bad, at the quality level of average RPGMAKER game, but with 3d battles
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    On Clarity or Rules and following them.

    To be honest I've often felt that Kes can be a little overzealous sometimes. Slamming people with moderator warnings (and that's what they are) for the most minor infractions and honest mistakes is not good moderation or community management to me. In my humble opinion the mods should mostly...
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    How should I advertise my game

    @bgillisp - you're probably right that it's not worth it to spend thousands on graphics unless you're sure you can deliver a unique game that will hook the modern audience and won't turn them off as "another RPGMaker game, but with better graphics". Frankly a good RPG Maker game with good...
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    How should I advertise my game

    I can confirm that Skyborn sold over 200k copies to date (not sure about the others, but it's possible too) which is almost unheard of as of today. I guess having Degica as a publisher helped quite a bit. The one thing that unites those games is that they were released pretty long ago. The...
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    A good Town/Training/Dungeon ratio for RPGs?

    I don't really like the split into town/training/dungeon. I'd prefer this distinction which is similiar but a bit different: 1) Plot - main story advancement, dialogues, cutscenes, character interactions 2) Downtime - free-roaming, non-combat exploration, shopping, upgrading gear/skills/browsing...
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    How should I advertise my game

    I trust you regarding selling below 1000 copies, but can you link some RTP games that sold over 200k copies as you say? I think this is rather misguided, or some very special circumstances were at work for those games (like if it was one of the first RPGM games on Steam in pre-Greenlight era...
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    Thoughts on regular encounters?

    My general design philosophy for regular encounters is to vary them in strength and number, and create experience curve. Regarding strength, you can have: 1) Quick battles (~30 seconds or 1-2 turns) 2) Normal battles (1-2 minutes or 3-5 turns) 3) Strong battles (3-5 minutes, up to 10 turns) 4)...
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    TileD Plugin (Version 1.3.0+ Released)

    Thanks Archeia! Maybe I'll give it another try. Would be cool if we had some Tiled mapping process video tutorials/examples from you :)
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    Eurogamer Article On RPGMaker-Made Games

    Thanks for the interesting article. I don't think there's a convincing case to be made that RPG Maker games on Steam aren't bad. As the author has said there are above 400 RPG Maker games on Steam. The fact that they don't all have "Negative" review scores doesn't mean much, because people who...
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    TileD Plugin (Version 1.3.0+ Released)

    Hey. I came from this thread: to ask if maybe some more experienced Tiled users can give me some tips: 1) How do you manage to create maps without RPGM autotile support? 2) How do you manage eventing when you can't see the map you've made...
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    How should I advertise my game

    I actually really feel you, especially for the quoted part... None of us want to be in this position and I dread it all the time - creating the big perfect game, spending several years on it and large part of your personal funds - only for nobody to play it. The sad truth is, the players never...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    You are awesome :) always a joy to see your screenshots. great color palette, especially the "gentle black" or w/e. my only concern would be small square resolution but I suppose it is unavoidable if you're using ace.. it's also just a bit weird for me to see enemies above the background border...

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