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  1. [MV] Change Player Character GFX when Standing Still / Walking / Dashing

    I would also love to see this plugin released. My sprite set looks awesome, but then just reverts to the idle frame and slides along. Thanks in advance.
  2. More Character Frames

    I'm with you guys, my idle animation is frame #1 and after the 7 other frames have finished it returns to frame #1 and slides my character along in an idle pose :( I'm keeping my eyes peeled and fingers crossed for an update for this one. Thanks in advance.
  3. Event System Support (expert users only)

    You are correct, I'm sorry to be a pain. After trying exactly that it worked. Thanks :)
  4. Event System Support (expert users only)

    OK, I have a problem. I have an npc, he moves and opens a stairwell to a dungeon. I have the speech for him set up through a different event but just timed in, that seems to be ok, but whenever I return to the map he re-spawns and the event runs again. How can I set this up so that he will only...
  5. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Ahhh I see, I'm sorry to bother you. I was setting the graphic move path in the Autonomous section and then it clashed with a movement path I put into the contents. I have figured it out now. I will most likely be posting a lot more noob questions. I will try to play around more before asking...
  6. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Hello everyone! I am completely new to RPG Maker, and have downloaded the RPG VX ace trial version. I would like to say that I am very impressed! the tools to make a great RPG game with no programming experience required! awesome! OK down to business, I have been playing with the event editor...

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