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    Question about legal ownership of commissioned assets

    So for those with experience hiring or commissioning an outside party for your commercial project, do you guys normally set any terms or write a contract for usage/rights? Like is it sufficient to just write in an e-mail, "Hey, I'm paying for this artwork to be used in a commercial game. If you...
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    Random Encounters Vs. On-Map Encounters

    Vast majority want on-map because non-boss encounters are usually seen as chores everyone wants to skip (unless the player is gathering loot), and it's just better to look at (your maps seem more lively). As an RPG Maker developer though... incorporating on-map sucks big time. The game doesn't...
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    Good questions to put on a game demo survey

    An important broad question I would follow up yours with is: - What could the game have done or included to maintain your interest? So if they answered with a vague "not suck" or something excessive like "be an open-world rpg", you'd know whether their opinion is reasonable or out of your...
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    Games with little to no text

    Textless games need a core focus on mechanics, art, music, or some other catch - something that makes them stand out with that as the focus. The issue with RPG Maker games (and non-action RPGs in general) is that their gameplay usually isn't very fun on its own. But very...
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    First Person Battle Systems

    A lot of people are pretty desensitized when it comes to size difference between actor sprites versus enemies; Final Fantasy drilled that in over the past thirty years. But the VX sprites vs VX battlers are hilariously out of place due to the enemies being 15x the size of your characters. At...
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    What are your thoughts on RM Games?

    I do, but those cases are really rare because the vast majority of sounds can't be readily associated with something else right away. Like I've heard the Bloodborne parry sound effect from animes and mobile games, and I chuckle to myself every time I hear it. It really is immersive-breaking if...
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    What are your thoughts on RM Games?

    I've played a few completed games and demos from here,, and Steam. There were a few hits and a lot of misses for me. Great custom art is a huge plus, but all of those games I thought looked amazing still had underwhelming writing and bland characters. I think my very favorite RPG...
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    First Person Battle Systems

    Front view can work, but it needs a lot of extra features to pull off. Like Lisa and Undertale have front view systems, but the developers understood that just having a static enemy and menu commands would bore their players to tears. So they include a lot of animated movements and other visuals...
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    Anybody knows how to reach Victor Sant?

    If I were you I'd go to the classified subforums and see how much it'd cost to make or fix that custom script/plugin you want. It doesn't seem like it'd take too much work, and I'd justify "time wasted trying to find a fix or figure it out yourself for 8 hours" > $10-$50.
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    Anybody knows how to reach Victor Sant?

    Victor's scripts/plugins are well-written and very presentable, but they run into a lot of compatibility issues and are hard to modify. Unless your game is entirely all Victor, there's bound to be a few problems you'll need to troubleshoot on your own. And I mostly just stick to Yanfly now even...
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    Graphics pen monitor suggestions?

    I bought a used Cintiq 22HD off ebay for $900. Works pretty much like a new one and feels great, but ymmv with used products. I was considering getting an XP Pen 22E like Vanessa before then, and that looked like a pretty good product to get if the price drops below $500. The XP Pen 22E works...
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    Best way to promote your games?

    If your game or its theme is niche, it'd get a lot of traction in certain forums and online communities like reddit, discord, etc. I'd put together a blog or website showcasing screenshots and videos to tempt apathetic people into giving it a shot. Don't just say "hey, I made this game, please...
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    Most important aspect of RPGs?

    What you can do to make your RPG good? Stand out somehow. You need to excel in at least one or two categories while being tolerable in others. Like a non-traditional story, interesting battle system, or great artwork. Be great and original at one and just don't be awful in others. Like I can...
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    How would you allocate a theoretical $10,000 to your game?

    @starlight dream Oh, I actually have that much saved up for game development and was planning out ways to allocate it based on the responses from this post, lol. But I think I'd prefer Milennin's strategy of completing a game first with placeholder/default resources and then only spending the...
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    How would you allocate a theoretical $10,000 to your game?

    Just assuming you could dedicate those funds comfortably towards the development of your rpg. And I know that's not a significant amount of money, so if we want to go even crazier, you could dream up a $100,000+ situation... Anyway, would you get special scene artwork, better maps, hire a...

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