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    Hello I am Loscpi

    Stick with it. I have a few games I started years ago and they still are not complete. Better to work at your own pace.
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    Wow those look amazing!
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    Hi again!

    Been a long while since I posted anything in these forums. I think my last one was in 2016. Bought MV about a month ago and looking to move all my projects to it from VX Ace. I'll post some screenshots on what I've been working on for the last 3 years in the project forums later if anyone is...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm not sure if this has been asked yet but is there any patch or any way to get moghunter's scripts to work correctly with these? It works for the most part just creates a lot of graphical errors with yanfly battle engine and some of the battle scripts from mog
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    Side View Battle System edits

    I've managed to make a few changes to the battle system to get some of what I'm looking for like the character positions and taunting. Why can't they release rpg maker with graphical menu editors... that would be nice  :| Would love if someone would take on this challenge.
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    Help with positions

    I'm a little lost with Java scripting. I'm familliar with ruby and have made some of my own scripts before but the way the java is set up is a little confusing to me. I've read through most all of the main files and I can't seem to find where the battle engine decides what position the...
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    Request for an Real-time Action Battle System, like Zelda

    It might take a little while but I'm sure someone will make an abs script for mv. Its inevitable.  But yeah graphics are a pain and expensive if your not a pixel artist.
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    Side View Battle System edits

    There would have to be a battle formation outside of battle. Characters would  be tagged with notetags or by class to be available for the front row, back, or middle. For the skills I guess there would be a skill equip menu? Or something with notetags prefferably since I only plan on classes to...
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    Advanced Battle Formation

    I just made a similar request but a little more in depth actually a lot more. Then I read this I guess I could have added it here  >_>
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    Side View Battle System edits

    I would like to request some features added to the sideview battle system.   Firstly Rows for the characters or formations. Like this:   Your back row would be reserved for Range type units or Casters. The middle spot would be for Ranged or melee dps. And of course the front would be for Tanks...
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    HUGE tile set problem(solved)

    It messes it up because that is the tile the editor automatically assigns to the entire maps upper layer. So if it is an X it sets an X for the entire upper layer.
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    MOG Character Select (very small edit)

    your dropbox gives a 404 error
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    Building a Heads-up Display or Menu With My own Variables

    Practice makes perfect. I had the same trouble when I first started. I actually did dp3's tutorials twice before I really grasped what was going on. I've watched a lot of other tutorials but his just made it click for me. After I got the basics down I started editing other peoples scripts to see...
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    Building a Heads-up Display or Menu With My own Variables

    You will probably need a script for this. Huds are not terribly difficult to make. Just take a look at other hud scripts and study how they work. If you have a basic knowledge of scripting it shouldn't be a problem. I suggest going through Dp3's tutorials (all of them CLICK) so you can pick up a...

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