Welcome to my Hideout! 

So you found your way here?, that's great!

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Who am I? (More than a miserable little pile of secrets?)

I go under the profile-name Dark_Metamorphosis here on the RMW forums (But most people call me Dark).

My real name is Andreas, a friendly guy and geek for life that enjoys everything related to gaming. Games has always been one of my biggest passions, ever since I got my very first console back when I was 7 years old. I have tons, and tons of game-series that have made a really big impact on me and they are too many to be listed.

I guess some of you have noticed that, 




My current project!


I'm currently working on my first rpg-maker project:

More of me and the project:




RMW Events I have taken part in/ won prizes from:

Release Something Weekend

Let's review Games!

12 hours of Christmass! - Won the Luna Engine.

Farm mapping contest! - Won Celiannas Rural Farm pack.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to send me a PM!

Oh by the way,


IndrahMatseb2611 and Dalph,       

Are my Idols!  B)  

Music, Friends, Games, Conserts, Parties, Writing, Rpg-making and lots more.
Jun 7, 1987 (Age: 33)
First Language
Primarily Uses




'You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love.'


Infected with the sickness...


Some of the games I support:



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--Turn Based Battles--

Look, it is Minotaur!
M. Knight: Let's go attack it!
Hero: Wait, no, it is just standing there!!
HUD Display: It is M. Knight's turn.
(M. Knight attacks Minotaur)
HUD Display: It is Minotaur's turn.
Hero: (Facepalms) Now look what you did! You made the Minotaur attack us!
Randomly deciding to create some tombs/sarcophagi last minute is probably not the best choice in a timed game jam...
There are only a few days left in our Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam! Hope you are working hard to get your game in!
Where do i have to play Heisei Pistol Show the same creator that made Re: Kinder Parun
I really get the feeling I should be doing regular YouTube videos whenever I make something cool in my game, instead of waiting for massive changes. But not going to lie... I always feel like it's never quite enough to merit an update, until it's a drastic change. :kaoswt:

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