I'm way to layed back and chill, here to learn from the best and to put my ideas into RMMV. Please be patient with me god knows i have to be patient with myself and it's a challenge in itself. I like all art styles and feel they all serve their purpose, i do prefer gothic or sinister horror style art. I myself have no real artistic talent, but i do love to write stories, develope characters, plots, and throw whatever jumbled up messes i can muster from my head and throw it into mostly coherent abstract messes... Hey! It makes sence to me! I have been working on my plots for several ye... a long time and aim to complete my goal of monatizing a game to save up to make sequels (planned trillogy and possible origins.) I am willing to accept any help and boy I could use help.
Jun 21, 1986 (Age: 34)
Basment within a basment
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I love rpgs, creative freedom, and writing... didn't say I was good just that I love it.
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Learning the ropes to maser RMMV... unlikely since it gives me head aches.
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I've been experimenting with improved memory management again, which allowed me to include items to increase player path length. These are both 44 grid spaces long, and stable. :LZSexcite:
I FINALLY DID IT! 5 years making my very first game and I just officially released it on STEAM..... OMG..... I can say I finished a game! The feelings!!!!!
Stream will be live shortly! I am going to be playing some Among Us! Feel free to drop by!
tv program always get the ratings (it's the reason why drama series has 1000+ episode),also full and nonsense of censorship (weird blur, a scene getting cut because the unconvenient viewer,but it unconvenient to me either. you never see what the original is)

i know the reason is to take cover the viewer from the negative thing,but i just laughing and mocking of them that they're always suck :guffaw:
Star Chart Idea - Just something I am working on.

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