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    OK but for this one, I can't get an email address for him so this may not be approved, some of them are showing last time active on there was 2010-2016.:elswt2:
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    Ohhh I didn't know, sorry ill ask and if they respond ill message you back so it can get approved
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    Want to be able to have switches on the ground detect objects that are placed on them? :kaopride: This tutorial is originally from and will teach you how to have objects like boxes or boulders activate a switch on the ground when placed upon them. It's fairly simple so a basic...
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    Making battles that don't feel same-y?

    Here I converted it for you, so you can just read through the common events and work it out how you want to :kaopride: if you find any bugs let me know, and ill sort it out.:rock-right: Gonna work on my own you might like that one when you see it. :cutesmile:
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    Making battles that don't feel same-y?

    Just open it in with 2k3 it will ask to update, once you do you should be able to see the coding just copy it and bring it into a new project. I might rework one myself when I have time as well.
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    Making battles that don't feel same-y?

    I think they have a demo of an action battle system for 2k3 somewhere give me a min lemme find it for you. EDITED* here's the link:
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    Can Converted/Edited Tile Parts From VX/XP/MV be used in RPG Maker 2003 Engine?

    Perfect Thank you! for the clarification.
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    Can Converted/Edited Tile Parts From VX/XP/MV be used in RPG Maker 2003 Engine?

    I have a quick question, I was editing a bunch of 2003 Chipsets with MV/XP/VX tiles that were converted, i just wanted to check if as long as you/I own the makers it's possible to use them regardless of which engine you use them in.
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    FIRE DREAM Resources

    Found some Old Resources I Know 2003 Users will love!!! A the link will be shared as well to the resources. It may be from the old style, but it still has people using RPG Maker 2000/3. This blog is a little old, has Faces, Charachip, Pictures, and GameOvers good quality and different styles...
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    Sound System RPG Maker 2003

    Tutorial Beginning Another tutorial found an brought over to be available for all RPG 2003 users!! 1st Step - Creating the "Mother" Event - Let's say that in a forest there is a bonfire, but you don't know how to make the sound of the bonfire lower the volume or increase according to the...
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    Custom Message System- RPG 2003

    Hello, again guys!!:cutesmile: Its been too long, Just thought I'd drop by and post a tutorial on how to use your custom message boxes In your very own RPG Maker 2003 Games!!:rock-left::guffaw::rock-right:. These are the X and Y numbers to get the Message boxes to different positions. Image...
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    Sharm's Stuff

    It's ok im using FSM and another tileset and really don't want you doing that much work but thanks for replying thou.
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    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    Hey Slim thanks for the update I actually found the name of the artist and the artwork on a different site I posted a link to it in resources a while back.
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    RPG 2000/2003 Free Resource

    Thank you for the correction lemme fix it! Edit** Fixed
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    Message Box Special codes RPG 2000/2003

    Just some basic and common commands for RM2k/3 hope you guys find this useful!! :kaohi:

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