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  • I really don't like the art style of characters in MZ. That eyes.. <_> and too much colors. I prefer the MV ones. Who thinks like me?

    (Eyes are really, really, REALLY ugly, even in face generator... holy holy...
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    I don't know. I really love much more eyes on MV then MZ.... In MZ they are too much big, a lot more anime style, but a style that is... "too much", for me. Eyes in MV are more serious, drawn in a perfect proportion/size.
    @KazukiT thats fixable, some eyes dont have noticeable "anime light spots" which end up with dull/lifeless eye effect, manually adding 2 white pixels on the eyes corners does wonders.
    @BK-tdm Can you post an example? Just for curiosity.
    Do you also go from a period in which you have a lot of desire, motivation and creativity, to a black period in which you do not want to do anything and you feel zero creativity? It happens to me often. It happens that I work a lot on my project, for months, and then the desire completely passes and I have to wait for it to come back :(
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Huge breakthrough! I finally fixed the dimensions on the WEBM used in the cinematic that ends the demo and introductory segment in MC:RIS, around the one-minute mark:

(There's some audio desync because the capture is an MP4.)
Kudos to everyone making game jam games, because this month has been hell for my development time. I have made a cutscene, 2 sprites, and 1 tile.

I guess I've made conceptual progress in hammering out combat roles and having fixes to be implemented (though I haven't done that yet)
Yeah, it’s a status #3, but it’s just to let y’all know I think I’m gonna have to do a twofer on the Advent compilation tomorrow. I feel like butt. Have a fever. I want to descend into my crypt.
I hope Baldur's Gate 3 wins BIG at TGA tonight. Tales of Arise was the last game to inspire me and BG3 has MASSIVELY surpassed that!
One day someone will build independent items for MZ. ONE DAY!

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