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    Conditional Branch - Moving Between Maps

    Hey, thanks! That was super helpful, and a very speedy reply. This is exactly what I needed, thank you.
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    Conditional Branch - Moving Between Maps

    Hi there! I'm wondering how to set up a conditional branch that triggers -only- when a player switches maps (from one map to any other map, not any specific maps). This conditional branch is going to be on a common event that is always active and, thusly, would trigger something every time a...
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    Total feedback on the new forum design

    The old layout was perfect. Pristine, small, easy to navigate. This is, by all means, a horror show. You've taken one of the most beautiful layouts for a website and butchered it. Please, for me and everyone else at the RPG Maker Forums, please revert it back.
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    This website is hideous now. Please go back to the old layout.

    This website is hideous now. Please go back to the old layout.
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    Layering Issue [RMMV]

    That worked great! Simple fix, thank you.
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    Layering Issue [RMMV]

    Hiya guys! Having a strange layering issue. In editor, this section of level looks like this: However, in-game, it looks like this: I realize that this issue may be tileset related, so here's some pictures of that: Any assistance is welcomed! Thank you.
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    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Oh that's so nice I might just buy it anyway! @ShadowDragon You guys are a dream team. Thank you so much.
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    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Here's an example with that mushroom house art and some dirt laid in-editor. This worked great.
  9. Darkskull

    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    @callmedan That is precisely what I was looking for! Thank you!
  10. Darkskull

    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Oh yeah? That's alright. Do you have a link or title of the tileset in question? :) Edit: Found FSM. What I don't see is any interior mushroom/interior tree tiles in the screenshots. Do you have any kinda screenshot of the interiors you're talking about so I don't drop $25 potentially for...
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    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Yeah, I figured I'd have to use parallax mapping or a dedicated tileset to achieve the effect. That much I know. I don't have the art assets, however, nor am I very capable at making them myself. The reason this thread is in resource requests is because of that fact: I was wondering if anyone...
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    Circular Interior [RMMV]

    Hiya there! Does anyone have any circular interiors? I'd like to do interiors for these two types of building, but adapting RTP's square resources results in an incongruity when compared to the exterior art. Does anyone have any assets that I could use to form the interiors of these two? The...
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    Magic Reflection 50% Not Working On Weapons

    Op, nevermind. Works fine in-game. It's the battle test that wasn't working.
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    Magic Reflection 50% Not Working On Weapons

    Hi! I'll cut right to the chase: Magic Reflection 50% doesn't seem to work on weapons. Armor? Yes. State? Yes. Same parameters, on a weapon? Nope. I wonder what the problem is. Other traits on weapons work. How come not this? (I tested with 100% magic reflection, so I was able to...
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    RNG mechanic

    Thank you! That's just about it I think. Awesome :) Edit: Does anything weird happen if the chosen actor is already dead?

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