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  • Can't wait till work is done today. Started working with Luna Engine Menus and only the F12 key works once the map loads. I think I'll have to temporarily rem every script in YEA to find what's causing this bug. FUN, but got to start somewhere.
    Started writing my story down and it somehow turned into a chronicle.
    Projects do that. They will grow out of control without constant pruning. Constantly finding ways to simplify or cut ideas is the only way I get things done. I feel your pain.
    The actual way to do it thus: Write the entire story down. As much as you possibly can, as much detail as possible. Then, sit down and read it. If it takes you longer than say... two hours to read it all... You've probably got too much there for a game. Time to start pruning and thinking of ways to turn much of that text into visual actions that are faster than reading.
    Yeah, simplicity is the key. I'd say even two hours is a lot. Imagine you're explaining the story to a friend (or try doing so for real, it works well). If you can't explain the gist of it to them within a few minutes, then it's either too complex or even not developed enough and has too many flaws and loose ends.
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if we get a trailer for shadow of the erdtree words won't describe how happy i'll be. keeping my hype down but, fingers crossed
Off to LEGOLAND today! Yes, my wife and I are in our 50s and going to LEGOLAND without any small children. Stop judging us! Apparently, there are places you can't go without being accompanied by a child in LEGOLAND. Which is kind of the opposite of what is usual. But our kids are all grown and we have never been. LEGO KRAMPUS here I come!
I decided that for the video game i will work next year i will use characters from my TCG as main characters for the RPGMAKER game, so expand the universe, that will be a cool :CoOoOL: Here some of my characters :

Ah also yes I'm accepting commission in case tat you ask for haha.
Some people shouldn't be parents. Someone put their toddler in the hallway of the apartment building I live in at 11 p.m.... and let her wander. The heck is wrong with people?!

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