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    Sprite Rotation/Scale/Etc Options? - GIF examples within

    Sadly, that's not what I'm after. Sprite sheets don't allow for smooth movement like Stoneshard has (rotation would be VERY choppy and repetitive), and the other main benefit of this rotation method is a big reduction in VRAM overhead from all the spritesheets saved (each actor is just two...
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    Sprite Rotation/Scale/Etc Options? - GIF examples within

    There's a fantastic little open-world RPG on Steam Early Access (I'm sure a lot of you would feel right at home with it's art direction!) called Stoneshard. It seems to feature a deceptively simple sprite system - only two directions a sprite can face (left or right, even when moving up or...
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    Map Animations for Flora etc?

    Thinking of upgrading from RMMV and wondered if there are new solutions for animated map elements yet (for animating flora, cloth, etc - bringing scenes to life a bit more). Yanfly's doodads plugins helped with that in RMMV, but needs to be low framerate due to being entirely sprite based...
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    Chau Custom Resolutions Version 3.0.0

    I can report the same issue. I have a 1920x1080 monitor, definitely running at 1920x1080, but that resolution option doesn't show up with this plugin. Ideally I'd like to run the game at up to 1920x1056, so a 48x48 grid fits neatly and UI is still crisp. Black bars would be minimal. Resolutions...
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    RMMV - Issue with Yanfly's Skill Learn System and Class Change System

    Classes and subclasses are mostly the same. I have 8 party members, all with their own class, and late game you unlock the ability to subclass them all. At first to one of the 7 classes they don't default to, and later on to some of the extra classes you can unlock as end game optional content...
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    RMMV - Issue with Yanfly's Skill Learn System and Class Change System

    I'm using these two plugins together (and a bunch of Yanfly's other stuff, because seriously, what a hero) but while I'd like to use the Skill Learn system right from the start of the game, I'd like the Class Change system (I'm using it for subclasses only) to be a late-game feature. Now, I...
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Terms of use are right at the top of the OP :smile:
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    Tall character templates UPDATE 10/10

    These are really impressive! Thanks for sharing =) Did the engine issue with sprites taller than 48px get fixed then? Haven't checked in on MV in a long time, but last time I looked into this there were issues with layer sorting (character heads appearing behind objects they're standing in...

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