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    Big bundle of questions.

    You're all good, you have posted in the right place I would say your best place to start off is to take the default tiles and work with them a little, manipulate the images and take parts of tiles and combine them to make new tiles. Once you are comfortable with that then move onto creating...
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    Noob questions about RMVX Ace capabilities:

    First and foremost, I wanted to say welcome to the world of RPG Maker VX Ace and welcome to the RPG Maker forums. All your answers have been answered by multiple people so I won't dive into them deeply but one thing I did want to specify is, RPG Maker itself really is a out of the box, hit the...
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    Nurse help?

    So if I followed that correctly at a quick glance, you interact with the event (the nurse) and it asks you if you want to heal. If you say no it exits out the loop, if you say yes it checks if you have 30 gold, if you don't it exits out the loop, if you do it removes it and checks if the main...
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    Nurse help?

    Though with the limited information you have given I'm inclined to agree with the previous posters and say conditional branches is probably the best step forward, I think there might be other methods that could be suited dependent on the way the nurse itself is set up.Explain fully the way in...
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    Disable during Menu

    So due to work, life and many other reasons I'd abandoned my project back towards the end of 2013 and haven't picked it back up, until now... I intended to come at it with fresh perspective and fresh plans and though a lot of basic coding I still have down, it is likely due to lack of sleep but...
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    Simple Farming System

    Ah I see. Yeah, a lot of the scripts I am running are my own custom design as well but I unfortunately do not release my scripts to the public as a lot of them I am using in a commercial game I'm developing that I'm keeping under wraps for now. I also replaced Galv's script with my own timer...
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    Simple Farming System

    I'm glad you got it all figured out. The reason I made it so simple in design and instruction is there are a dozen possibilities to grow this in a number of ways and that is why I encourage people to do so. I actually use a lot of these same core base systems in my own game but I did mine...
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    Simple Farming System

    Firstly I'd like to apologise for taking so long to reply to these questions as I have been away from the forums for most of this year, sadly work has dominated my time and the need for money has outweighed my desire to code leaving me little time to myself. As these are both basically the same...
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    Simple Farming System

    Firstly I'd like to apologise for my late replies, I've been out of the country until the beginning of this week so I've been otherwise engaged the last few months. Now I'm back, I can return to the development of my own game but also help other aspiring developers with theirs so without further...
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    Duplicate Occurrences of a script?

    So I'm a little confused, you want 2 menu buttons, one going to a common event and one going to a script call. Why don't you just use the built in functionality of the script as it allows multiple menu buttons and add a script call on the common event for the second script... It would require...
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    Menu Question

    I know by setting up a simple menu and using a newgame+ script that is already established you could set up the trigger so when you start a new game using your old save that it unlocks the new game once, meaning Game 1 and 2 is entirely possible through simple work. I don't see why expanding on...
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    Making a party member's stats not show up in battle?

    It's something I've had wrong since I was a we little lad and unfortunately the problems have returned, second hospitalization in the last few months but I'm getting it taken care of. I feel great for the most part. Just waiting on the hospital to give me a date to go in for an operation but...
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    CoozieKun's Earthboundish Engine (adept scripters would be appreciated)

    Sorry I never responded, I spent the last week in hospital, I'll send you a PM in regards to my game Wingless and if I ever get a chance to look over the odometer script properly, you never know... I might be able to rerelease a patched version (with full credits to the original author) for...
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    Making a party member's stats not show up in battle?

    Sorry I haven't replied in a week, I've been in hospital and just got out... So to clarify, you did the things in this order: - Installed the script I linked you - Typed: \no_mp_displayinto the actor's notebox. - In Yanfly's script replaced: def draw_mp?; return true; endwith: def draw_mp...
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    Simple Farming System

    Introduction For years trends in gaming and patterns have become evident, one of the big examples is the use of zombie specific elements, even as mini games just to add that element into your game and appeal to fans of the genre. One of the current, and very popular styles of game / mini game...

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