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  • Today, I tried using a parallax map on my game. It only reminded me of how much I hate such technique.
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    The Stranger
    Why do you hate it?
    @Darth Equus I hear you, parallax mapping can look great but making the maps is such a headache! Not to mention how it bloats your project folder.
    Darth Equus
    Darth Equus
    @The Stranger Larger size, more work if I need to change something, and it feels like extra work for something I can do with standard tile maps. Wanted to give it a fair chance, but no, it's just not for me.
    I somehow detest parallax mapping. Beyond not allowing one to make changes vs a regular map, I don't know why.
    That's why we have a tile-based editor. You don't have to use parallax mapping if you don't want to. Sure there are some things parallax mapping makes better, but a good tile mapper can also get great results.
    It's important to keep the file that you used to create the parallaxed map. That way you can go back and make changes whenever you want. It's a bit more tedious but it's just what you gotta do. But, I understand where you're coming from too. Each to their own. :)
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