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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

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    Thoughts on being called an unqualified developer

    This, so much. You should have seen my first maps, my first dialog, my first cutscenes, my first animations. They were rudimentary, to say the least. Heck, you should have seen how bitter my first attempt at making Cashew Chicken came out. Be grateful you didn't have to taste it. But that's how...
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    Which favorite characters do you hate in real life?

    Heero Yuy from Gundam. He's a martial arts master, super hacker and ace Gundam pilot. Genetically modified into being a Mary Sue. Also, Rey from the new (Yuck) Star Wars movies.
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    Guilty Pleasures

    I purposefully look for scam posts on Facebook's trade/sale groups and make fun of them with pre-made image macros, before reporting them to the admins. (Emphasis on scams. Many are out there and are evident, but some people still fall for them)
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    An English Question.

    Isn't "Annoying" the gerund form of the verb To Annoy?
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Darth Equus and Aesica, on the ocean. :biggrin:
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    If anyone gets this, I can die a happy man today:
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    (It's all in good fun, okay?)
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Ha ha ha! I wish I looked 1/4 as buffed as those guys, myself, because I'm closer to the kid in the first panel. :biggrin:
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    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    Amend that to read "Full payment", and "Partial payment doesn't mean full ownership" to properly CYA.
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    How do you face Inspiration Loss?

    Glad to be able to contribute something to this thread: Something that has helped me at times, is to bounce ideas with people have helped/are helping me with the game (like my artist, musician or assistant), or ask for feedback. Other people's perspective and even criticism can help you get the...
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Glad I followed the advice of a buddy and made my characters walk and turn at least a little in all cutscenes.

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