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  1. RMMV Dead Sprites Chrono Engine ABS

    Hello! It's me again with more Chrono Engine ABS questions. It seems like people aren't super fond of helping with this plugin due to its complexity, so I am sorry to bother. Would there be a way to make an ABS enemy change to a dead sprite once you kill them? By default, the event fades out and...
  2. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one facing this issue and that it's just a plugin problem. Your solution definitely isn't optimal, but it will have to do for now. I'll give it a try and let you know if it works. EDIT: My computer seemingly did not save any previous versions so I guess I'm...
  3. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I didn't flip any switches at all between the plugin functioning and not functioning, but I did look into it just in case. After reading the entirety of the code and roughly translating the documentation there appear to be no specific switches that directly influence the behavior of the plugin...
  4. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I haven't run any plugin commands inside the project. Everything is running strictly based on the parameters set in the plugin manager which I haven't changed since the error began. I fear that testing all of the plugin commands at this point can only make things worse. If you still recommend...
  5. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I confirmed that running the game with every plugin DISABLED except the battle system changes nothing, so the problem must be coming from the abs itself. This is bizarre because after copying it to a different project, the abs works fine. I cannot seem to pinpoint what is causing this issue.
  6. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I am starting a new game for every test, so there are no save files even made. And I should specify. the EVENT was the copy. Not a whole map. I realize my sentence was not specific. I always use the playtest button. I do not see a folder titled www.
  7. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I did not move the project folder or any files and the console seems to show nothing is wrong. I may have deleted one enemy event from a test map that was a copy of another, so it shouldn't have changed anything. Here are the plugins I'm using though they all worked together fine for quite a...
  8. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I was using chrono engine abs and everything was working great. Without changing a single thing between playtests all of a sudden no attacks or skills function anymore. Is this an issue anyone else has had? If so how did you fix it? If not how would you suggest I diagnose this?
  9. RMMV Script call for Direction Fix?

    Thank you so much! Now I can event a strafing effect for my player!
  10. RMMV Script call for Direction Fix?

    Can anyone provide me with the script call for turning direction fix for the player on and off? I can't do it through a move route because it's part of a parallel event and that causes lag. I hope something like this exists.
  11. RMMV Hime's Lock Facing Direction Issue

    Hello all. I'm using Hime's Lock Facing Direction, and it's giving me an issue. When I hold the button to lock the direction my player is facing, every moving event locks its direction as well. I'm not sure that's supposed to happen, but even if it is I would like it to be just the player who...
  12. RMMV Chrono Engine ABS Attacking with left mouse button.

    Bumparooni ;_; EDIT: I found a rather impractical solution, but if you change this: Game_Player.prototype.commandAttackUsable = function() { if (!$gameSystem._chronoCom.attack) {return false}; if (Input.isTriggered(Moghunter.ras_buttonWeapon)) {return true}; return false; }; To...

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