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  • Been slightly struggling with developing the latest chapter, I think I will downscale my ambitions and make it more linear.
    Linear is better if solo, as handing branches takes forever. I had branching endings just based on a choice you make at the end of the game and it took one day for each ending in the end.
    Good thing I asked my friend to playtest one of my chapters for me. He found bugs that I wasn't aware of. :D
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    The more playtesters you have, the more bugs they will find. Solution ... don't have playtesters.
    As I am very soon going to let my friends play the demo of my game, I am fixing those annoying color lines that appears on top of the characters head durng battles :blush:
    A part of me wants to return back to the beginning and first two chapters and remake them with parallax map. But I have decided not to. Every chapter is just another step in the journey. No need to walk back unless I have to revise dialouge.
    I'm not familiar w/ any of the specifics of your project but I think that's generally the right decision!
    I like new party members. Unfortunately, that also means a whole new set of SV for them :(

    Those can be tedious to draw
    Use front view battles. Problem solved ;)
    Made a surprising amount of progress in these past two days. Really helps when parallax mapping breaks limitation and allowing me to be creative and make maps that match my vision.

    I am starting to get a hang of this parallaxing mapping business. Still inexperienced, but at least I can be a lot more creative now :)
    For the next chapter, I am trying to figure out how paralax mapping works. I already know how to import and create my own assets, but my mapping can be better :D
    My gameplay is starting to feel fun now. Quest rewards actually feels like it has weight now because it really positively strengthen the characters. Which in turn creates a motivation to complete quests.
    Finally getting close to the finishing line with another chapter. The chapter began with me following the outline that I have planned. But adding depth to the outline and figuring out how to get there was and still is really fun. :)

    Currently working on the second protagonist's story and her companion, making good progress. But I am looking forward to return to my other protagonist and continue his story and have him joined by a new companion. :)
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Do you like to practice level design? I do hahahaha! It's not from a specific game, it's just some tests...Fase 1.png
I really need a better indicator of where you can jump up and down though I feel... otherwise I like how this turned out for the first part of the first dungeon of the game.
@Shaz needs to make a website for his plugins. (it can be done easily for free with google sites.) I can't find a database of them anywhere!

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