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  • I wish I can work faster on my game. But I don't want to get burned out. :(
    If you are working solo, make a to-do list / tree.

    Helps you keep track of what there is still to do and feel accomplished once you have certain branch done :).
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Continue to do what you feel comfortable with. If you push yourself too hard, you might grow to hate your work. I know that's happened to me before.
    you don't need to work fast than the others like you chasing the deadline. it's not good for yours.

    you need a time to rest,like playing games,reading a news,watching videos & more for your relaxation.
    Making good progress with the second chapter. :)

    Still work in progress.

    (Real life, it is chronically the fourth chapter that I am making.)
    My imagination works faster than my development process. At least, I can take pleasure in treating it as an adventure. :)
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    I'd be surprised if you were capable of developing something quicker than you were able to imagine and think. :p
    Developing faster than thinking is the problem with games today sadly...
    Everyone's imagination can come up with more (hundreds of times more!) than they'll ever be able to make into a reality. The key is to make sure that you're picking out the best ideas to actually develop - and to have the discipline to stick to the development process for that great idea instead of chasing a new idea every week!
    Been feeling that my characters spent too much time exploring caves, so I figured it was time to explore abandoned keeps instead.

    I figured it was about time to update the battle sprite for one of my characters. The old one was the first time I ever drew a battle sprite, and filled with lines that shouldn't be there. So far, the new one is cleaner.
    Still working on Chapter 2. I originally said it was done, but decided to extent it a bit more because I felt the story was too fast-paced for my liking.
    I don't know how fast everyone works, but it usually takes me three-four months to finish a chapter. Mostly because I usually spend one hour a day to work on the game. Then I need to spend some time thinking on the story and drawing characters.

    Is it normal or abnormal?
    One hour a day, nearly every day, sounds like an incredibly healthy way to approach your game dev hobby, honestly. I wish I could be that healthy about it!

    If you're only committing an hour a day, though, months to complete a chapter sounds about right, and even a bit low (meaning you're making efficient use of your time).
    A new companion for the second chapter for the female protagonist's route. Although I say new, this character is one of the four original character that I have planned from the beginning. She underwent some redesign as I improved my drawings.
    Handshake protocal activated.

    Developing chapter 2 for the male protagonist had its highs and lows, but at least I am getting close to ending it and move on. :)
    Been slightly struggling with developing the latest chapter, I think I will downscale my ambitions and make it more linear.
    Linear is better if solo, as handing branches takes forever. I had branching endings just based on a choice you make at the end of the game and it took one day for each ending in the end.
    Good thing I asked my friend to playtest one of my chapters for me. He found bugs that I wasn't aware of. :D
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    The more playtesters you have, the more bugs they will find. Solution ... don't have playtesters.
    As I am very soon going to let my friends play the demo of my game, I am fixing those annoying color lines that appears on top of the characters head durng battles :blush:
    A part of me wants to return back to the beginning and first two chapters and remake them with parallax map. But I have decided not to. Every chapter is just another step in the journey. No need to walk back unless I have to revise dialouge.
    I'm not familiar w/ any of the specifics of your project but I think that's generally the right decision!
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