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    Xbox 1.5 and PS4.5, this is a terrible idea isn't it?

    I still strongly believe that consoles are best suited to be a cheap one time purchase every few years, designed for portable gameplay focused on couch co-op. With a very intuitive and attractive UI. Really, if you want anything else a PC is the way to go. Seeing how couch co-op seems to be...
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    First RPG game you ever played

    Either one of the old pokemon games, or Chrono Trigger. Love em both :D
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    Anyone Playing Guild Wars 2?

    I started playing gw2 a couple weeks ago, loved it, picked up HoT and have been helping build up my guild (The Myrgard) ever since.
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    Unable to create distribution package...

    Do you have any tips on how to do that then? Alternatively, is there a way to observe which file the deployment stops at? Slow it down or something? The filenames flash by so quickly that trying to scrub to it with my screen cap software jumps right over it... The last file I can clearly make...
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    Unable to create distribution package...

    Sorry for the late reply (12 hour shifts all week), but thanks for yours! The problem is I didn't do anything since the last deployment. Literally. All I did was play test it... So unless it didn't save, or I accidentally did something I am super confused still... Looked through the...
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    Unable to create distribution package...

    Ok so I was able to deploy a browser version, set it up on my website, all good! Until today... No changes were made to the game at all since the fix yesterday and the successful deployment. And yet it is failing to create a distribution package again... What the shnitzelberries is happening?
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    Yes all the files were there. I contacted InMotion's live chat and they were super helpful. Apparently I was just linking it wrong (just cut out the extra /home/ and whatever nonsense I had). Live version is here: Good to know about the...
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    When attempting to access the index.html locally I am greeted with an error saying "Failed to load: data/Actors.json". But how might I fix this error? The Actors.json file is present under data, and the .exe file runs the game fine so I am confused. So I tried uploading it to my server and...
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    Wow awesome tutorial find! And thanks a bunch for your help/explanation!  I will test this out myself after I go snag some food and report back here. :)
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    Hmm there has to be a way to do it though, something like this. If I'm recalling correctly, wasn't one of the game's/software's demos an in browser experience created through RMMV to showcase that capability?
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    Oohhhh no no no! I should have been more clear - my bad  - I want them to be able to play directly on the page (or pop up, new window/tab, whatever works). I already have the downloadable game thing figured out and use google drives for that.
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    Wow thanks for the quick reply! Ok so I'd use Filezilla to upload the .exe file (or a different one?) somewhere on my server and then link to it right? The first part makes perfect sense to me, but how does one link directly to a file on a server? Is it as simple as creating a link where...
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    How to put game on my webiste?

    I have a website page here that I would like to put the demo of my game on. The website is made using Wordpress, and hosted with InMotion Hosting, if these details mean someone can provide me with a more detailed explanation it would be awesome! :) How does one go about doing this? I have...
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    Unable to create distribution package...

    So I have put around 100 hours into making my game. I've had many demo versions on both pc and android devices. And yet suddenly I can not create a distribution package! For the life of me I can not figure out why, and I have spent many hours trying to solve this... I have a demo version of...
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    SLIDING PENGUINS!!! :D These rock, as normal!

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