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    I liked the detailed back story you gave to your game and it sure made me want to try it out. I was kinda hoping for more screenshots or a video. As soon as the demo is out I will surely test it and give some more detailed feedback.
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    X-Noir (Demo available!)

    Have you been playing L.A. Noire? Well I downloaded this and will be testing it today if I have the time. I'll post a short review then.

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Got the menu problem sorted out, now most of the systems are in place and I can focus on the plot and the maps!
Im really Happy that the MZ Hero looks like a Boy than a Man.
What the community thinks hackers do:
"Ok, now let's just type in the /win command, and... done!"

What hackers actually do:
"Alright, so I have a high jump mod installed, now I can just jump over everyone and be sneaky until I'm the last one standing."
When you gotta make a new tileset for each building because of a few differences.

20/24 done. Still no clue waht to put in 24, though...

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