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    Does your Tactical Battle System work with MV?

    Does your Tactical Battle System work with MV?
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    Loading Error

    2) 4) I opened the fog image in Preview and no issues or error messages
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    Loading Error

    1) 2) Im hitting F8 on Mac but its not bringing up the console 4) How can I tell if the file is intact or damaged? Can I send you the Deployable folder?
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    Loading Error

    1) I dont understand, do you mean Deployable>NightmareHearts>www>fogs>fog1.png 2) I dont get this error playing the game in RPG Maker MV on Steam 3)Yes
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    [Paid] Need help removing errors

    Im willing to pay someone to help locate and remove errors that are popping up when I try to playtest my game after loading it into indiexpo, I've tried fixing it myself but cant seem to locate the issues. Along with fixing the errors I need a detailed explanation of what caused the errors and...
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    Loading Error

    So the demo for my project is complete and I successfully uploaded to indiexpo, but when I try playtesting through Google Chrome it pops up this image, But when I check the Deployable folder the image is in the correct location, Please Help!
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    Cover Ally Skill

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    Substitute Glitch

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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    That's too bad, I'm probably still going to use the stuff you have because it looks great and fits my theme. Is there a discount or bundle available?
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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    These look really good so you should be very proud of your work! Will you be making an art pack at some point that matches the Mike Mignola/Darkest Dungeon style? I would fork over money for that...
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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    These actually would, they look great!
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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    I'm creating a game that draws ALOT of inspiration from the Magic the Gathering: Innistrahd block, do you feel like this DLC fits that niche? Are their werewolf,vampire, ghost enemies? Also did you create this pack?
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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    So which Medieval pack is the OG dlc to get? Do you need the OG in order to use the PB & DT dlc?
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    Medieval: Plague Bringers DLC Review?

    So I'm looking to make a gothic-horror type game in RPGMMV and saw they had this pack available for purchase on the site, has anyone used this pack yet and can tell me how they like it? Does it come with sv_battlers? How difficult is it to use?
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    Substitute Glitch

    So I created a "Cover Ally" type of effect where my character will use the Substitute trait on an ally but for some reason everytime he covers an attack from a hit he gets shifted downward, has anyone encountered this type of issue before? How do I keep him from shifting down? I used the...

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