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    How do I move an NPC, and keep them there?
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    Creating a random name generator

    name = ""sound = 3number = 2for i in 0...soundcase rand(number)when 0; name += "a"when 1; name += "b"endendmsgbox nameMaybe something like that.
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    Time's Gallery

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    EvilEagles' Pixels

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    Actor inventory: trading items between actors

    I have written this script in XP. And here is my idea: Hope it can help you something. :)
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    Calling another class

    That why "or Var" is added.
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    Calling another class

    self.index = 0 #Do not include the main actor!To self.index = 1 #Or Var?
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    Help with Evented Ammo system

    How about a script?
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    Can't figure out how to add variables to Game Data

    Add this script: class Game_Enemy < Game_Battler  def change_param(param_id, value)    enemy.params[param_id] = value  endendCall Script: $game_troop.members[ID].change_param(param_id, value)ID: 1, 2, 3,... (in Troops) param_id: (0 is Max HP, 1 is Max MP)   def mhp;  param(0);   end        ...
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Does it require level to learn?
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    Can't figure out how to add variables to Game Data

    It has a bug. I will post it again when I fixed it.
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    [SOLVED] Separate :B keys

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    Does it (screen resize) break the term?
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    [SOLVED] Separate :B keys

    Start the game -> Press F1. There is a button setting tab.

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