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    Villain's appearance

    Thx for your feedback and reply :), what you just said gave me some inspiration for him , never had the tought to let the other's speak for him. Makes it interesting to the player while he remains mysterious and menacing as he hasn't seen him once. Thx very much for this advice ;)
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    Villain's appearance

    I see, i agree with you on that, with him not having a body makes the player imagining who or what's he/she's fighting against. Now with the personality i just posted he might be so menacing for them.
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    Villain's appearance

    His personality is not too complex. He's unlike most of his kind very calm and has little compassion for his pawns and his enemies. He's also very strategic and thinks everything trough until he finds the right way to execute his plans, making him always one step further than the...
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    Villain's appearance

    Hi guys, i wanted to ask you for advice about the Villain i'm about to make, i would highly appreciate it if you guys could give me some advice :). So in my first game ''The Tales of Expellion'', there's the main Villain, who was once slain in an grand-scale battle by the leader of the...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    Hey people, after weeks of story writing i decided to drop a small sypnosis of the story here, leaving you to decide wheter it's good or not. Feedback is always welcome :) The Tales of Expellion I Thousands of...
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    Yo dude, your game (Ulfar one) looks pretty good, altough it has some flaws, it's awesome to...

    Yo dude, your game (Ulfar one) looks pretty good, altough it has some flaws, it's awesome to see it completed :), i'm making a game of my own too ''The Tales of Expel I'' , and it's coming out soon!, if you would like to know more about it, let me know :)
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    Hi!, welcome aboard!

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