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    RMVXA Glass (Demo Currently)

    NOTE: The full game is coming soon Well ladies and gentleman the moment you've all been waiting for, even though this isn't my first endeavor in making an RPG Maker game but it certainly is one I've started and finished a demo for (whether it's good or bad is highly up to debate <_<) I will...
  2. deathpunk187

    In need of a tracksuit bit for a VX/Ace game

    yes but more suited towards chibi sprites and also usable for a sprite generating software
  3. deathpunk187

    In need of a tracksuit bit for a VX/Ace game

    Hey there guys deathpunk here I'm in need of a tracksuit bit for a character in a game I'm working that's kind of a modern themed game with a heavy metal almost kinda punk rock sub-theme at least with some of the characters like for one of the side characters he/she is kind of a Nu-Metal theme...
  4. deathpunk187

    [Ace] Industrial/Gothic Steampunk style sprite {Request}

    I guess this'll be one of those threads that'll just sit and collect dust :\
  5. deathpunk187

    [Ace] Industrial/Gothic Steampunk style sprite {Request}

    I'm actually using Ace, and I preferably want the sprites to be in chibi style
  6. deathpunk187

    [Ace] Industrial/Gothic Steampunk style sprite {Request}

    hi guys I've been looking for something similar or at least someone who would be willing to create sprites for the images with the various hairstyles being shown through other example photos below I would like the sprites to have this kind of outfit or a somewhat similar outfit with a male...
  7. deathpunk187

    Viking Sprites Need (w/ possible portraits/facesets)

    yes I know beards were a very heavily popular thing with vikings I was using the whole horned helmets and beards as an example of stereotypical vikings which I wasn't looking and I'm mostly looking for vikings in plain clothing from the time period as well as in chainmail because that's all the...
  8. deathpunk187

    Viking Sprites Need (w/ possible portraits/facesets)

    Oh well I'm using Ace sorry for the lack of more details I was kinda in a rush when I posted it, and I'm just looking for the default chibi sprites and I'm not just looking for someone to make them I'm actually looking for any that are already and are usable I was asking if anyone could make...
  9. deathpunk187

    Viking Sprites Need (w/ possible portraits/facesets)

    Hey guys I'm looking for viking sprites that are both in armor and in casual clothing for both male and female, I'm making a game that is a fantasy but it's also going to be historically accurate so sorry if men with beards and horned helmets is what you thought would be best and I'm also...
  10. deathpunk187

    Knight Sprites/Facesets

    So I'm working on a little project that I have.... (which I'm not going to say the name because sssssshhhhh it's top secret >.>) and I've been trying to look for some medieval knight sprites and possibly some facesets so if anyone knows or have seen some decent ones I'd be very appreciative if...
  11. deathpunk187

    Dragon Ball Z Sprites/Tilesets (Do They Even Exist)

    So I've been trying to look for DBZ sprites and tilesets so I can throw together a Dragon Ball Z fan game would anyone know how to make or find them? If you can make them awesome if not but you know where to find them then thats just as awesome any help what so ever is appreciated
  12. deathpunk187

    Can WW1 tilesets and sprites be found? (any at all?)

    I've been searching for WW1 tilesets and sprites for a long time and I was wondering if any of you were able to find any if there are any
  13. deathpunk187

    Kazzador's Fantasy Sprites

    your zombies from your fantasy sprites and your sci fi soldiers from your modern/sci fi sprites have saved my butt I will try and send you a screen shot of what I'm working on thank you :D
  14. deathpunk187

    My Classical Era Resources - Mostly battlers

    do you have any legionaries sprites that aren't in testudo?
  15. deathpunk187

    Are Mech Sprites Really That Hard to Find

    You know the ogre event graphic they have in the maker

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