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    Back from the dead...

    Back from the dead...
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    Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Usually we answer all tickets within 48 hours. Sometimes a reply or a ticket does get lost in the mix, though, which is why we also double check the forums here to make sure everyone is attended to. :)
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    Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Hi there! I actually send off the refund request yesterday so it should be processed today. Sorry for any delay!
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    Upgraded to Windows 7 - lost my key. :\

    Sent the information via e-mail and PM :)
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    Post your judging scores here

    PMing you shortly :)
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    Post your judging scores here

    Absolutely! I'll be looking into this throughout the day and weekend. I believe at this time all e-mails I received have been repsonded to, with maybe 2-3 exceptions. Some may not have been received on our end because we receive a lot of automated replies from our e-mail system from various...
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    Post your judging scores here

    Hi there! Yours was Spectr, correct? I actually just sent that one to you a little while ago and I've also re-sent here on the forums via PM.
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    Post your judging scores here

    Sure, that would be great! The feedback process for the next contest will be a lot more efficient. Unfortunately this time we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of submissions so it's taken some time to sift through everything. Plus, as some of you are probably aware I was dealing with...
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    Post your judging scores here

    Hi, mlogan! Which game was yours? I'll go ahead and get the results for you :) Also, I'm going to PM the rest of you here directly with your scores to make this process easier.
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    Post your judging scores here

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. More scores coming out today :)
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    2014 IGMC Results!

    Thanks everyone for participating! Just a quick reminder: we'll be issuing as many scores and comments as possible this weekend. In the meantime we're getting them polished up for you all.
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    2014 IGMC Results!

    We will begin the prize-issuing process starting tomorrow. We are planning to send out the participation coupons via e-mail. Stay tuned for more details :)
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    2014 IGMC Results!

        Contest Winners Finally Revealed!   The time has finally come! First off, we want to thank everyone for your patience: the contest was far larger than anyone anticipated, and we had approximately 800 games to experience. Many entries were truly exceptional and scored high, proving there is a...
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    0.5 hours until the contest results!

    I drafted up the announcement earlier today :) Excited to finally share this (and to finally be back in general - been quite inactive due to health issues).
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    Editing own submission is now possible

    Yeah, games were downloaded immediately after the deadline. We are asking that people do not update the downloads linked by the green button, though, in the event that we need to re-download fresh. And yes, feel free to edit your descriptions and media now :)

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