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  • What are the minimum specifications for running a RPG maker game? Thanks
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask support questions. That is not their purpose.

    It depends on which engine the game was made with, and what's in it. I would be surprised if there's a computer around that could not run a game made with 2000/2003, XP, VX, VX Ace. Some may struggle with MV. But the more stuff the dev puts in, especially MV plugins, the higher the spec. cont'd...
    I was going to ask you to post in the appropriate forum, but I've just seen that you have already done so.
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Finally returning to one of my least favorite parts of game deving - mapping.
Me, adding new map: Okay, so this map will be the - wait...Map 501?! O.O E-excuse me?!
So, yup...breaking into the 500's for map count. Some are placeholders for now, since I haven't gotten around to actually mapping them yet. But soon. Very soon...oof, I'm scared.
Did anyone else get a 'sever error' a little while ago on fourms? because I did...
So... today was a friend birthday and she explicitly requested this little scene, otherwise she'll come to my house and shot me with a water gun.

Kinda late to the party but if you're trying to make a game with relatively large roster, my suggestion: be ready for a long, long ride yourself.

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